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Still In Bed? – by Alfred (a romantic short story)

Still In Bed? - by Alfred (a romantic short story)

Jane and Anthony were a retired couple in their 70′s who had been married for over 40 years. Their children had long grown up and moved out the house. Now they were enjoying their retirement in their lovely home.

One morning, Jane and Anthony came down with the flu and they were both feeling under the weather. They both were Christians so they both knew to declare the word and receive their healing in faith so they do it.

5 minutes later, Anthony is healed and is up and about walking around the house but Jane is still in bed.

Anthony just wasn’t enjoying himself playing alone with the dog or watching TV alone while his wife was in bed upstairs. Enjoying retirement just wasn’t any enjoyment without his wife and best friend beside being her usual perky self beside him.

Anthony wondered why his wife had not yet gotten better.

Anthony went upstairs and found his wife tweeting or texting something on her smart phone.

He got her a sandwich and some juice in bed. He reminded her of some healing scriptures and then went back down stairs.

20 minutes later Jane was still ill. He wondered what was wrong. He went back upstairs and found her typing something on her phone and she was still ill.

Anthony declared the word with her and told her to remain in faith.

Jane said she would.

Anthony went back downstairs but 30 minutes later Jane was still in bed. Anthony just couldn’t understand what was happening. He prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to tell him what was wrong.

The Holy Spirit told him that he should check what his wife was doing on her smart phone.

Anthony went up stairs and checked what his wife was doing on her phone. He found out that she was hosting her own pity party with her friends online. Her friends were sending her words of encouragement and she was receiving them with thanks and telling them how sick she was. She was sending them messages about how bad her health was.

What she was doing was the equivalent of saying that she was healed one minute and then saying that she was sick the other minute.

Anthony corrected her and told her that she cant speak positively in faith one minute and then speak negatively in doubt the other minute.

Jane told him that she was not speaking negatively.

But Anthony said that she was.

Anthony told her that instead to sending her friends messages that she was sick; she should send them messages declaring that she is healed, that she is walking in divine health, that the blessings of God are upon her.

Anthony told her to send them messages of what God’s word says concerning her health and she would see if she won’t be out of bed in no time. Then Anthony went back down stairs.

He waited 5 minutes … 10 minutes … 15 minutes. Then he started to wonder what happened.

Suddenly his wife came up from behind him like an ambush. She kissed him a big thank you kiss. Then she said, Everyday you overwhelm me with even more reasons why I’m so blessed to have you. Then Jane led him to stand up as she held his hand, Lets go take a romantic walk in the park. I know you most have been bored without me by your side to share your day with you.

The End.

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