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I Am Never Alone – verse 1 – Teaser – by Pastor Alfred

I am never alone even when I’m home alone/

I know its seems gnomic but its clearer than a glove/

I’ve got the holy ghost, with him I always go/

Together, forever, like craniopagus folks/

We share each other so, neither its ever alone/

He & I are so close he knows my every goal/

He’s there when I think em, edit them & do em/

As a matter of fact, he’s the one that cooked em/…

I Refuse To Compromise – verse 1 – Teaser – by Pastor Alfred

There are times that temptation’s stationed like a nation/

Seeking my obliveration, in a war front face off/

I stay off hesitation, and strike with dedication/

My love for Jesus Christ is my constant motivation/

After the test comes promotion, the Holy Spirit my elevation/

Love’s my salvation, Hate’s my elimination/

I STAY AWAY, from things that can make me give way/

For temptation’s red nails, viced around my waist/. ..

Never Let Anything Good Happen To You – verse 1 – Teaser – by Pastor Alfred

They say good things happen and bad things do too/

Sometimes we create what happens, sometimes our plans fall thru/

Sometimes things happens, and it could be good/

We got lucky, we did nothing, but things turned out cool/

Be grateful 4 those moments, that’s what they say/

I say, NO WAY, cos that is the wrong way/

There’s no such thing as luck, so 4 it, don’t pray/

Don’t stand there and fold your arms, expecting it 2 come your way/

Get your hands busy and create the good things than happen/

If you stand there doing nothing they may never happen/…

Follow God’s Will – verse 1 – Teaser – by Pastor Alfred

Jesus comes first so doing his will comes first/

Pleasing God by fulfilling the reason I’m sent/

I live like an angel with the mission on my chest/

I know I don’t belong here, I’m just passing thru the earth/

Nothing is more important than God’s word and Yes/

It’s all that’s on my mind I toss out everything else/

Cause everything else is garbage destined 2 create a mess/

Destined 2 distract and swerve me off the path that’s blessed/…

What Books Do To Me – verse 1 – Teaser – by Pastor Alfred

Booooks!!!! I love to read books/

I love to swim thru leaves, on nooks, in my room/

Tickling Brain Waves with great ways that zoom/

Past Sonic Booms ‘n’ Magic Brooms ‘n’ typhooonsssss/

I’m cruising in the blues/

Tossing verbs above Ur hair with ideas I cook/

Goodie – good – good, I’m just a Goodie – Two – Shoes/

Which explains the Zero pains that sits in my boootsss/…

Sin Cannot Have Dominion Over Me – verse 1 – Teaser – by Pastor Alfred

It’s so funny that sin often reaches to grab me/

It tries to pull me down, into it, and drown me/

It has so much determination, it’s classic/

It’s trying to do to me, like fire does plastic/

Drastic, displays of ill will, amasses/

Fantastic, resistance in me, arises/

Temptation makes passes like soccer practise/

But I watch it shrivel up, and burn to ashes/…

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