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The Yeti & Lilly – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time a little girl named Lilly was stranded in the middle of no where with her Dad. They were the only survivors of the plane crash that put them in their current predicament.

Lilly looked around her and saw that the knee high pile of snow she stood in expanded for miles and miles and miles, in every direction she looked in. She looked at her Dad and saw that he was badly wounded. It was a miracle that Lilly didn’t have as much as a scratch on her.

Thankfully, Lilly was a precocious reader and had read a lot about First – Aid, although after she was through attending to her Dad with a First – Aid Kit she found inside the plane, it was clear that he was still in no condition to be moved. She had to look for help alone.

First was the question of which way to go. North, South, East or West? She ended up deciding to go in the direction the nose of the plane was pointing.

Lilly prayed as she walked on. Praying in tongues in a low calm voice and emboldening herself in the Holy Ghost.

Two hours later while still praying she came across a sign post half covered in snow. She brushed off the snow with her glove covered right hand and it read: WELCOME TO DEATH VALLEY.


Lilly had heard stories of Death Valley. It was a horrific place. It was a no go place. Hundreds of reporters have gone there to investigate the strange things that were said to happen there, and none of them had ever returned.

There was a Yeti there. A vicious ugly, mean, evil Yeti. They say it eats people.

Lilly plopped to the floor as the last shred of hope escaped her with her sigh of depression. There was no use. She couldn’t go any further and she couldn’t go backwards. She might as well sit there and wait for death to carry her away. She should have never left her Dad’s side she thought, at least that way she would die beside her Dad – they would die side by side.

Lilly started to blame God. Why did he let their plane crash? Why did he let all those people on the plane to die? Why didn’t he lead her in the right direction? Why did he lead her to Death valley? … of all the places in the world, why Death Valley?

Lilly bent her head and started to cry. Suddenly, she felt the presence of the Holy Ghost as he began to speak to her. He made her that she was acting like the Jews when after God had brought them miraculously out of slavery in Egypt, had the nerve to doubt that God was able to save them when they were trapped between the red sea and the Egyptian army after Pharaoh changed his mind about letting God’s people go.

The Holy Ghost told her that the Death Valley is the red sea in front of her. That she should proceed for the God that was with Moses when he parted the red sea is with her today but even better he is also in her because she has been baptised into the Holy Ghost. She is in Christ and Christ is in her. Greater is he that is in her than he that is in the world.

The words of Holy Ghost stirred up faith in Lilly and she knew she could do it. She laid aside every rational contradictory thought for Christianity is a life FAITH, not a life based on RATIONAL THINKING.

Lilly walked into Death Valley knowing that God was in her and with her. She was going to pass through it and keep moving until she gets to a village or something, where she would be able to get help back to her Dad.

She spoke in tongues more badly than before and didn’t let the sounds of howling wolves and other animal sounds she had never heard before disturb her. She was bigger than them. She may be a little girl but he was within her was bigger than them.

“GGGRRAHHH!!” The sound echoed loudly as a great big monster all white and all hairly jumped in front of her out of no where. It was the Yeti.

Lilly didn’t even flinch.

From the monster’s body language you could tell it was startled.

The Yeti growled again, louder this time. But Lilly still didn’t move. She wasn’t seeing a greater big problem in front of her. She was seeing a small hairy creature in front of her that the one who is inside her created.

Just like Peter had to keep his focus on Jesus and not be distracted by the boisterous winds when he was walking on water to meet Jesus. Lilly had to focus on the truth of God’s word that greater is he that is in her than he that is in her than he that is in the world, as she stood in front of the Yeti. She knew that if she lets her faith waver by being distracted by the logic of the world concerning her current situation which you against the word of God, she would end up sinking like Peter except in her case it wouldn’t be sinking. It would be changing the behaviour of the Yeti from abnormal to normal, and normal means it killing her.

The Yeti soon got the message that growling would get it no where. It just stood there and stared at Lilly I awe.

Lilly put her arms in her pockets to stand more calmly and more comfortably. She then felt a candy bar in her left baggie jean pocket. A Holy Ghost inspired idea popped into her mind.

Lilly took out the candy bar, unwrapped it and then stretched out her hand to give it to the Yeti.

The Yeti studied her a little longer. Then it slowly collected the candy from her out stretched hand. The Yeti smelled the candy as though he was analysing it based on the way it smelled. It seems it passed his analysis because he soon tossed it into his mouth.

Lilly smiled and walked boldly in a friendly manner towards the Yeti.

The murderous countenance on the Yeti’s face was gone. The Yeti moved back as Lilly approached.

“You don’t have to be afraid,” Lilly said as she started her hand to touch the Yeti as she still moved towards it.

As though the Yeti could understand her, it stood still and its eyes shut close the moment Lilly’s hand touched its hairy skin. They remained that way for seconds which seemed like a whole lot more time than that, then the Yeti opened its eyes after giving a low moaning sound and turned and disappeared into the fog.

Lilly continued onwards and soon found herself in somewhere different – somewhere else, – somewhere that also seemed void of human life.

After a few more minutes of walking, Lilly was attacked by a gang of robbers but the Yeti showed up from no where and chased them away.

The Yeti must have been following her stealthy from a distance while she walked through Death Valley. God had turned the very thing that practically should have been her killer into her protector.

Lilly later got to a village and called back home to give them information about what had happened and the state of her Dad.

The people in the village where astonished that Lilly had passed through Death Valley and is alive. They were in awe that the Yeti didn’t kill Lilly.

Lilly seized the opportunity to witness to the villagers. Thanks to her faith in God she won a lot of villagers to Christ and saved her Dad’s life.

Of a truth, anything is possible to those that believe in Jesus Christ.


I Visited The Wrong Website – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called India there lived a little boy named Frankie.

Frankie and his Mum lived alone. His Dad told him and his Mum that he was going to a Monastery to become a monk and serve a Deity for the rest of his life. He said that it was a divine call and he couldn’t refuse to answer. He said they shouldn’t bother trying to contact him because the Monastery didn’t allow its Monks have any contact with the outside world. That was what Frankie’s Dad said, until a friend of Frankie’s Mum found him happily married to another woman on the outskirts of Bombey.

Anyway that was years ago, that’s old news.

What really calls for attention was what little 10 years old Frankie was doing in his bedroom right now. He was browsing the web when he saw a picture ad on a free daily web-comic site. It was a picture of the most beautiful Indian girl he had ever seen. What made this picture really different was that the girl in the picture was nude.

Frankie’s eyes popped open. He found himself smiling and clicking the picture.

5 weeks later, Frankie was a registered user of that website. He visited it more than bats visit caves. He practically lived at the website and now had a personal favourite porn-star who he had sworn to remain a fan of for the rest of his life. Even late at night after pretending to fall asleep when his Mum tucked him in, he would return to his computer and feed his eyes with videos and images from the website.

Frankie’s bad habit began to influence every area of life. His grades started dropping slowly because he preferred to do what he did when he got home from school instead of read.

The teachers in school where worried about how a once very bright boy just started scoring poorly in every single subject, but teachers being what they are had their minds full of worries about tons of other students therefore having no time to narrow down their efforts to helping just one student.

Frankie’s closet friend in school, Paul noticed the changes and after weeks of probing Paul found out what Frankie’s problem was.

Paul happened to be a Christian so he talked to Frankie about Jesus, explaining to Frankie that the power of Jesus can help him break his addiction and there is more joy and satisfaction in a life in Christ than in anything porno or the world could offer him, but Frankie refused to listen. Frankie enjoyed porno just too much to let go. He actually tried to convince Paul that it was him that has a problem. He told Paul that they are males and this is what males do. Males desire females, and as far as Frankie was concerned, Paul was weird for turning down chasing girls and watching porno. He was the one who had a problem not him.

When Frankie turned 13 he got sick of only watching others do it. He wanted to do it. So he started having a relationship with a 16 year old girl who was hooked on the same addiction.

A few months later she got pregnant. When her father found out, he was too angry to control himself and he sent a sniper to kill Frankie.

Thus, Frankie died at the age of 13. How sad. He never knew what hit him, neither did his Mum. Although it was written that his cause of death had come from a gunshot, that was a lie. The truth was that his cause of death was porno. Porno alone had killed him, nothing else.


More Than Just A Book – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time on a planet named Tor (a planet far far away) it was a time of peace and prosperity unlike the Planet Tor has ever seen before but a young scientist named Stone believed a flood was coming and tried to warn his people. Sadly, he had a reputation for being a scientist who has been known to propose ridiculous theories.

Dr. Stone and the daughter of the king of Planet Tor had a thing for each other.

Sincerely, the king couldn’t see what his daughter Princess Jasmine saw in Dr.Stone. The King prohibited Dr. Stone from ever stepping foot on the palace grounds, he didn’t want Dr. Stone anywhere around him or his daughter. He also refused to grant Dr. Stone an audience to hear him out concerning the flood.

At midnight Dr. Stone sneaked into the palace grounds and he and Princess Jasmine rendezvoused in the royal garden.
Dr. Stone convinced her to persuade her father to give him an opportunity to prove his claims.

Their midnight meeting ended with Dr. Stone respectfully and romantically telling Princess Jasmine how much he loves her and how much he dreams of marrying her through the most romantic poem you’ve ever heard.

The next day, the king gave into his daughter’s plea and Dr. Stone was granted an audience with the king and the Royal Court for him to justify his claims.
Dr. Stone began to expound on how his life had changed since he read a bible which he found on a planet called Earth during a scientific excursion there.

He told them that the creator of all the planets now speaks to him and he told him there would be a flood coming very soon that could wipe out their entire planet.

The king asked Dr. Stone if he knew how crazy he sounds.

Everyone laughed at Dr. Stone. Those who could take breaks inbetween their laughter pointed out a multitude of reasons why he must be wrong.

It all ended with the king telling him that he should feel fortunate that he hasn’t had him thrown into an asylum and that he never wants to hear another word of this nonsense of Planet Tor being destroyed by a flood ever again.

3 days later a great rain began to fall and after 3 months the rain still hadn’t ceased to fall. It was clear to even the most steadfast sceptic that the prophecy of Dr. Stone was coming true.

By the 12th Month, with the rain still falling and more than half of the entire planet already submerged in water. The king decided they all evacuate to Planet Fodd and beg the king there to accept them all as slaves as that is their only chance of survival.

Dr. Stone went to the Princess and told her to tell her father that he knows a way to solve the tragedy so they shouldn’t go.

The king was reluctant to give Dr. Stone a chance but he eventually agreed and stopped everyone from leaving to Planet Fodd to become slaves and then he waited with arms folded to see how Dr. Stone would solve the problem of the flood.

Dr. Stone lifted up his hands and prayed for the rain to stopto the creator of all the planets who he had read about in the bible.

Immediately, the rain stopped.

This reminded Dr. Stone of the story of Elijah in the bible, how he made it stop raining and how he made it rain again through prayer although that was a lot different.

Everyone rejoiced that the planet was saved and that day was marked throughout the planet as Dr. Stone day. A day that would be celebrated for generations and generations to come.

The king threw a party in his castle for Dr. Stone and all the movers and shakers of the planet were there.

Everyone on the planet was curious about the bible. The king had Dr. Stone’s Copy of the bible re-printed and made available for free for everyone on his planet. Everyone was hungry to get to know who is this creator of all the planets, and the hunger led many to their salvation.

Now Dr. Stone had gained favour with the king he could finally ask his permission to marry his daughter; something that Dr. Stone and Princess Jasmine had always wanted.

The king granted them permission; and Dr. Stone and Princess Jasmine lived happily ever after because a life in Christ is a life of happiness forever.


King Of The Ramp – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called Alabama, there lived a 16 year old dude named Tony. He was a handsome Puerto – Rican dude who was guilty of making every girl within a 30 mile radius from where he lived swoon.

Now to be popular, handsome and cool is a deadly combination in Alabama. Only a few possessed all three weapons of social conquests.

If you are a teen and you want to be cool, you would have to pick a sport and excel in that sport. You also have to play the sport in a way that makes you look cool because in every sport you play, there are always girls sitting by the side and watching the athletes. Always passing side comments to one another about which athletic they are admiring now as the athlete plays the sport the girls don’t even understand. So it was not just about winning. It was about winning with style – looking good while winning – looking cool while winning. That is the secret formula for a teenage boy to be cool.

Tony was so good at being cool that he made the word cool grab a pen and a paper and start to take notes.

One day a new kid moved into his neighbourhood. Word on the street was that the new kid was the skateboard champ in his former neighbourhood (Like that was supposed to scare Tony). Tony was the bomb – the best skater in his neighbourhood. Aint nobody gonna take his spot.

One week later while Tony was showing off some skills to some guys, actually he was showing of his skills to the girls who sat on a bench in the skate park. They were skilfully pretending as though they didn’t come there to see Tony. The sun would turn blue first before they would walk up to him and say “Hi”, even though they wanted to. They could only dream that he would say “Hi” first someday.

Tony knew why they came. He loved the attention. He wasn’t promiscuous or anything, as a matter of fact he was a virgin and he didn’t intend to cross over to the other side until he gets married; which is a time way up there in the future. However, there was a thrill – a joy he received from girls admiring him that he found most pleasing.

As he was almost through skating for the day, the new kid showed up. One thing led to another and the other skaters pressured them into a one on one challenge.

To everyone’s surprise the new kid won. The focus of the girls shifted from Tony and rested on the new kid.

Tony hated not being admired by girls anymore. The more he saw girls swooning and drooling over the new kid, the more jealous he got.

The only girl who seemed to remember his name now was Brenda, a childhood friend of his and there was nothing romantic going on between them.

Brenda told him that just because he wasn’t ‘King of the Ramp’ in his neighbourhood anymore wasn’t a reason for him to wear a gloomy face. Brenda had always been good at reading Tony. She could get answer from him only by looking at him. Answers, that wouldn’t have been gotten even after 2 years of probing by the FBI. Brenda could see that it wasn’t really losing the title that got him upset; it was losing the female attention that the title got him that had him upset. Brenda was the first person to point that out to him, as a matter of fact, she was the only one to point that out to him.

Brenda told him that she knew that he was not technically committing a sin by what he was doing but that it was just plain wrong for a Christian to desire such things. A Christian shouldn’t desire that mass numbers of members of the opposite sex should lust over him or her even though the Christian is this case is not given to lust (therefore not sinning). By desiring others lust after us, we are desiring others sin on account of us; all because we want to savour in the joy of being admired.

It is one thing to be glad that people think that we are good looking as that’s what God created us to be, and it’s another thing to be glad that people are lusting after us and thinking lots of immoral thoughts about us.

In spite of Brenda’s advice, Tony still challenged the new kid to a face off on the biggest ramp in their neighbourhood skate park. The date and time was set. Word spread around the neighbourhood. Lots of people who don’t have the habit of having important things to do would be there. If Tony was going to have to take back his title lots of people would see him do it – lots of girls would see him do it.

Tony planned to do a triple somersault while in the air during the challenge. He told Brenda his plan, it was sure to be the winning move.

“It could also be your last move”, Brenda told him.

She knew how difficult that move was, as a matter of fact, probably, nobody in their neighbourhood has ever known anybody who has done that skate move before. The closest they had come to it was seeing it done in a video game.

Towards the day of the competition: a Thursday, the Pastor of Tony’s church called him up along with some other regular members of the teenage group, to help with the preparations for the big teenage conference that would be holding the coming Sunday.

Tony didn’t want to go. He had a skating challenge to take care of. If he didn’t show up at the ramp, he would look like a chicken. If he tried to postpone the challenge now he would still look like a chicken. Either way the reputation he’s trying to get back would get worse than it currently is. The only way out was to be at that challenge and the way for his life to return to the way it had been was for him to win when he gets there. No matter what happened, he couldn’t afford to not be at that challenge even though his parents would skin him alive if he doesn’t go to church for the preparations.

What made the matter worse was that that special triple somersault skate move that nobody had ever seen before – He could do it. He had done it before. He had practiced it until he had perfected it when nobody was looking. There can’t be a better time to showcase the move than at the challenge. Matter of fact, if he doesn’t show off that move at the challenge, he might never get the chance to do it this big again.

On ‘D’ day, after Tony’s parents dropped him off at the church, he waited a little at the church then snuck out to the skate park. His heart was beating loud the whole time. He felt bad. He wasn’t used to disobeying his parents and didn’t like to do so.

When the time came for him to do the triple somersault skate trick, he slipped and ended up with a few joints out of place.

20 minutes later as he lay on a hospital bed, he promised himself he would never desire girls swooning and lusting over him. He just almost died trying to get them to do so.


During The Holiday’s At My Uncle’s Ranch – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called Miami. A little boy named John was asked to stand in front of the classroom and tell everyone how he spent his holiday. He was to be scored by his teacher based on fluency, manners, style, presentation and content just like the other pupils in his class.

John walked up to the front of the class. He adjusted his bow tie and cleared his throat. Boy! He was going to knock their socks off.

He told them that his parents sent him and his brother Paul who was two years older than him to their Uncles ranch in Texas to spend the holiday.

He told them that he spent his holiday adjusting to the Texas cowboy way of life but the most memorable experience is one that almost cost him his life.

He has just started learning to ride horses (that is if you call sitting in front of your Uncle on a horse’s saddle with the reins in your Uncle’s hands; learning to ride a horse) when he decided to mount a beautiful white stallion when no one was around and ride it on his own. What he didn’t know was that though the horse he had chosen to ride was saddled, it was yet to be broken. In fact many had tried to break it but their efforts had been successful.

John ended up screaming for help as he tried his best to hang on. He had heard terrifying stories of the outcome of people who fell off horses. John’s screams for help sent his Uncle and others running out to see what was happening.

Suddenly, the white stallion took off into the woods. John could hear the shouts of his Uncle dying down as the horse ran like lighting further and further into the woods.

Only God knew where the White Stallion was going. Only God knew if John would inevitably fall off the horse and share in the horrifying fate of those who fall off horses. All John knew was that he just shouldn’t fall off the horse – he couldn’t afford to. John started praying to God like he’s never prayed before until he started speaking in tongues.

John’s Uncle arranged a search party to ride into the woods. If anything tragic where to happen to his little nephew, he would never forgive himself.

The horse John was on rode for hours and John’s praying in tongues continued as well. It was beginning to get dark and being in the woods in the dark was always extremely scary to a little boy or girl and with good reason too.

John knew all he had was God. He knew his Uncle must have sent out a search party but he also knew that a lot could also happen before they find him (that is if the find him).

For John, it wasn’t only a physical experience; it was also a spiritual experience. Never before had he felt such a strong compulsion for absolute dependence on God. It was either complete and total dependence on God or an early grave. Odd as it may seem, the more John prayed the stronger he felt. The more John prayed, the bolder he got. The more John prayed, the more his worries faded away.

Suddenly, John shouted, “I command you to stop in the name of Jesus.” There was great faith and boldness in his voice – Great faith and boldness that came from within.

Immediately, the horse stopped.

John’s faith was so strong that he was not surprised. He couldn’t explain it but he just knew before he commanded it to stop that as soon as he did it would have to obey.

John then told the horse to go back to his Uncle’s stable and the horse turned around and followed the route back from where it came.

“WHOA!!!”, a kid in John’s class exclaimed.

Yeah! Whoa is right. John ended up scoring high on the test, but also letting everyone in the classroom including the teacher know that when you need a miracle you can always count on God.


Watching My Son’s Death Bed – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in the city of Los Angeles, the only son of a young widow lay sick in bed.

“Isn’t there anything you can do for him”, his mother asked the doctor outside her son’s bedroom door. Taking care that her son didn’t hear.

“I’m sorry. We’ve done all that medical science can do”.

The young widow wept uncontrollably even though she was fighting to regain control.

She had just lost her husband recently. Now was she going to lose her son too?

The doctor had told her that her son had less than two more days to live.

That night she sat at her son’s bedside keeping him company and trying to steal back each second that painfully slipped away.

The boy looked into his Mum’s eyes and said, “Don’t worry Mum I know God would heal me. He is my healer and according to his word; by his stripes I am healed. God never lies. He has never lied to anyone. So don’t worry about me Mum, I would get better”.

Tear drops grew bigger under his Mum’s eyelids as she tried not to sob out loud.

She didn’t believe in God and she certainly didn’t believe in divine healing, but she knew her son always did.

Her son was dying. She didn’t want to debate with him on the existence of God. Not now. Not while he is on his death bed.

If God were real she thought, would he be letting her watch her son die? Would he be letting her watch helplessly like she watched her husband slip away not too long ago?

Anger burnt in her heart towards God and all those preachers on TV who wear designer suits and talk about God loving everyone. But she made sure she didn’t show it. Why crush her son’s hope? Why take away her son’s smile on his dying bed? She couldn’t let him know what she was really thinking.

“Yeah! honey, God is doing what he does”, His mum said, doubting every vowel of every word as she spoke.

“Totally, Mum. You can always count on him”, her son replied.

“I heard what the doctor said, but I don’t believe him. It is God who has the final say, and I know he doesn’t want me to die so I won’t die”.

Her heart ached as she heard those words. She blamed herself for not being careful enough to prevent her son from hearing what the doctor said.

Suddenly her son’s face lit up with excitement. “Mum, there is this 3 day miracle crusade coming to town. It starts tomorrow. Can I go?”.

“No !” his Mum barked out. Then realising she has perhaps been too hasty. She started to explain, “Honey, you see I would love for you to get well and no one would love to see you well more than me. But these miracle crusade preachers are just con-artists making money off innocent people. The miracles are not real, they are all fake. They pay those people to get on stage and lie that they were suffering from one incurable disease or the other but after the preacher prayed or touched them they got healed. It’s just a scam”.

Her son’s eyes burned with anger. He looked as if he had been insulted. “It’s real!”, he said firmly, “It’s real Mum, whether you like it or not, it’s real”.

His mum didn’t know what to say. Tense silence floated across the room.

She tried to change the subject. “Would you like some milk and cookies?” his Mum asked.

“Don’t try to change the subject”, her son retorted. “God is real. Jesus is real and that means divine healing is real too. I taught you wanted me to get well Mum?”

“I do”, his Mum answered swiftly.

“Then why are you stopping me from going to a miracle crusade where I would get well?”

His Mum knew she was really stepping on sensitive soil. She couldn’t afford to use the wrong words. She couldn’t afford to taint the last days of her dying son with even a tiny speck of unhappiness.

“Honey, you have to understand …” she started.

“No it is you who doesn’t understand”, he said, interrupting her. “You are signing my death warrant. You don’t want be to get better. You want me to die”.

“Not true!”, his mum cried out, feeling like she has just been called the worst Mum of all times and didn’t have any evidence to prove otherwise. “I love you, more –“

“Yeah right”, her son cut in.

It hurt her to hear those words coming out of the lips of her son as he lay on his dying bed. A sudden sharp pain gripped her heart and let go in a flash.

Now she was crying. “Honey, I want to …” she bit back the words, “… I want to”, she paused and wiped the tears rolling down her checks with the back of her trembling hand. “… I want us to spend these last days together”.

“Well Mum I want to get well”, her son replied angrily. “I didn’t know you’ve already dug my grave. I’m not dead yet and I won’t die if you let me go for the crusade.”

In-spite of the fact that she knew she loved her son, she also knew that from his perspective all he would see is a mother who is trying to stop him from living on planet earth – a mother who is taking the gift of life away from him. A mother who hates him.

It was like a mother, giving birth to a child, waiting for him to grow to the age of accountability and then committing an abortion. This is what he was feeling now, and his understanding told him she hated him.

The more she tried to explain, the more he drew away. Oh! If she could only make him get it that there were no such things as miracles. The whole thing made her hate God and miracle preachers more. These con-artists on TV have deceived her son and caused this misunderstand between her and the only family she had left. They were trying to steal this crucial time she had to spend with her son on one of their schemes. The whole miracle crusade thing is just to make money and now her son is taking about patronizing these con-artists. Oh! How she hated them even more. Each precious second that slipped away drew her son closer to his last breath. These precious moments should be spent lovingly. It meant a lot. It would paint the last picture she had of him. Would it now be a picture of arguments and disagreements, all because of these miracle preachers? Ooh!

It killed her to see the seconds slip away. She wished she could freeze time so she could save her son from the inevitable.

The argument grew cold and ended with the establishment that he would not attend the miracle crusade.

That night while alone, her son made a few phone calls to a few friends.

On the next day which was his last day on earth, according to the doctor. His friends came knocking on the front door.

His mum opened the door. They were here to see him for the last time. They didn’t have to say anything. She saw it in their eyes.

His friends spent quite a while in his room. His mum alerted them that she is going to the grocery store to buy a few things to cook a special meal. His friends would probably be staying for dinner. It certainly looked like it.

As soon as she stepped out the front door, the secret plan was put in motion.

25 minutes later, he and his friends were at the crusade. He was lying on a stretcher beside his friends as the world renowned healing minister mounted the pulpit.

Expectations were high. The atmosphere was charged. He lay there believing for a miracle.

The sermon was awesome and uplifting. He could feel the power of God in the atmosphere and he was sure everyone else did. It was so strong – he could feel it as though it had become tangible.

He looked around him and noticed the multitude of people around him that were sick in the section of the crusade ground he was in. He wondered how many sick and needy people were present in every section of the crusade ground.

Pity and compassion filled his heart when he saw people with all sorts of different medical conditions.

Like him, they had all come for one thing: to be healed by God.

He forgot about himself, he couldn’t think of himself when he saw the conditions of those who needed healing miracles around him. Most even looked worse than him and some looked like every next breath they take could be their last.

He lay there on his stretcher praying for others – praying that God would heal them.

At a certain point of the sermon, the healing minister stopped abruptly and asked the choir to start singing. He said it was something about him following the leading of the Holy Ghost.

Spontaneously, miracles started happening around the crusade grounds. Crutches were been raised, people were clapping, some were screaming, some were dancing, some couldn’t stop commenting about what they were seeing.

Miracles had started happening and he too should be getting one. He had disobeyed his mum to get here. He had been through a lot already, and if he didn’t receive a miracle, he wouldn’t see tomorrow morning’s sunlight. God had to heal him.

As time went by, other miracles kept taking place and the healing minister had started welcoming people up the pulpit to testify of the breath taking miracles they had received.

As he lay there on the stretcher, he noticed his friends had their fingers crossed. He knew what was going on. He knew they were hoping he would be among those who would receive a miracle.

He then noticed that most of the people he had prayed for had been healed. There weren’t many sick people around him anymore. They must be standing in the testimony line; waiting for their turn to give their testimony.

Very soon he would receive his own miracle. He knew it. He just knew it.

More songs were sung. More testimonies were given. The crusade for that day came to an end and he wasn’t healed. He would die tomorrow.

His friends sadly carried him back home. His Mum waited for them at the front door. Angry? What was the point? She knew the boy had only a few minutes left, under different circumstances she should have scolded him but he had only a few minutes to see her boy alive. The look in her eyes said what her lips didn’t say: I told you it was a scam, now you are still sick even after you went.

That night his Mum fell asleep in a chair beside his bed. He was not going to be alive the next morning.

He kept thinking about his life as the night got deeper. He started crying. He cried softly so he wouldn’t wake up his Mum. If she saw him cry, it would only make her cry and worsen her pain.

He started thinking about the sermon from the crusade. He couldn’t sleep. He just kept pondering about what had been preached.

After a while his tears were totally dry. He didn’t see a reason to be sad. He was feeling better.

He kept thinking about what was preached then he started muttering to himself, “by his stripes we were healed”, “by his stripes we were healed”, over and over again. He got lost meditating in the meaning of the words. Until his voice increased. He wasn’t conscious of this world. Whatever was happening was deeply spiritual. He felt like he was being elevated by a spiritual force. Being glorified. Lifted higher into a bright white light.

His Mum woke up, her mouth dropped open as she stared in surprise.

He was standing out of his bed. Not only standing but walking.

His mum was stunned. He was supposed to be dying. He was supposed to be dead, but he’s walking – doing something the sickness had long taken the ability to do.

He paced about the floor praying in tongues, he got louder and it looked as if the more he did so, the stronger he got. The stronger each step got – the surer each step got.

The minutes went by and he just kept praying.

One hour later he stopped. He was looking healthy and strong. Tears flowed freely from his mum’s eyes. She knew she couldn’t explain what happened but she knew God had healed him – God had healed her son.

She became a follower of Jesus that day and followed him to the second day of the crusade. She stood beside her son during testimony time and told everyone the whole story.

Today, they both live the life of strong followers of Christ. Telling everyone about Jesus at the slightest chance they get.


Who Stole Suzie’s Crayons? – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time, in a land far far away in a land much like our own but a little more mysterious in nature, there lived a little girl named Suzie. She was given a most extraordinary gift. It was a set of crayons – a set of crayons given to her by God himself on her seventh birthday.

The set of crayons looked like every other set of crayons but like most things in life, it is not its outward appearance that mattered but what was in it. What it had the ability to do. What power was inside it.

The Green crayon had the ability to turn anything you paint on into money. Even if were to rub it over the surface of water, it would cause a reaction on a molecular level that would start changing the nature of the liquid until it transforms into solid then transforms into money – paper money.

The yellow crayon had the ability to change anything its tip rubs against into gold. It was the perfect dream of any lazy man. If you had that one stick of crayon, you would never have to work another day in your life. You can be happily lazy for the rest of your life, until laziness finally kills you.

The best of all was the red crayon. What could be better than the previous colours of crayons which could make you rich beyond your wildest dreams? What could be much better than money, you may ask.

Well, what about something that gives you a power that only God should have? The power to give LIFE.

The red crayon had the ability to give life to anything it rubbed, from a dead squirrel to a dead relative, and everything else in between. It even had the ability to transgress the lines of what should even have life. If you were to rub it on a chalkboard for instance, it would animate it – give it life, but it would look like you brought something from the cartoon word into the real world – a thinking, talking, seeing chalkboard with cartoony eyes, hands and legs attached to it.

What about the remaining colours in the crayons set? You see that was a mystery. Nobody knew what they could do. But knowing God, they obviously weren’t ordinary. For nothing made by God is ordinary, especially when they seem to be so. You see, God is a mysterious God. He loves to be mysterious. He enjoys being mysterious. Being mysterious gives him great pleasure.

However, there was one big problem. The green, yellow and red crayon where gone – they had been stolen in Suzie’s classroom.

Whoever stole them saw no use for the other colours in the crayon set, because they were left behind in the crayon case.

God had only given her the crayon set two weeks ago. Now three were gone.

There were only four people who could have stolen it. Only four people in her classroom knew how special those crayons were. On the outside her crayons looked like every other crayon.

Everybody in her class had crayons lots of them in fact. But for someone to target those three colours in her crayon set, they must know like she knows, what they are capable of, and only four people in her class knew that.

The four that knew where Samantha, Irene, Amanda and Hannah.

Suzie’s instincts told her that it was Irene. Irene hated her and made no effort to hide it. She was responsible for every prank ever pulled on Suzie and her hobby is making up lies about Suzie.

Or it could be Amanda whose hobby is to lie even when it is necessary to do so. It’s almost as if the concept of telling the truth was scary to her. She was also very lazy and open spoke of how she dreamt she would stumble over a billion bucks so she would never have to work another day in her life. Amanda had a shady side too. The chances of her stealing something that is extremely valuable are quite large.

But it could be Samantha, being Suzie’s best friend gives her the perfect cover. But then again she’s nice and if anything, has always been there for Suzie. If she is the one who stole it, it certainly doesn’t make any sense.

Or it could be Hannah. The perfect girl that everybody deeply loves; even God. God pays her visits every night to tell her bed time stories. It had been prophesied long ago that she would be a blessing in their land far far away. It most certainly couldn’t be her. She was God’s personal friend.

Suzie’s class teacher set out to find out who stole Suzie’s crayons.

A wad of bank notes and a few pieces of gold was found in Amanda’s school bag. Amanda was definitely the culprit.

She still denied she was the one who stole the crayons and claimed that she didn’t know anything about the money and the gold. Typical. She had always been a liar.

She was taking to the Principal‘s office for further questioning while the other students remained in the class room.

Later that day, while writing, Hannah made a mistake on her sheer of paper. Suzie was closest to her so she asked Suzie for her eraser. Suzie’s eraser had been used up the previous day and she forgot to get a new one, so Suzie told her she had none. However, Hannah was that kind of girl that every other girl wants to be and always impress and Suzie didn’t want to not to impress especially when the coolest kid in all the land had asked her for something. So Suzie improvised, “You can use my white crayons are white-out to cover the error marks on your sheet of paper.”

“Okay, Thanks” Hannah responded. It wasn’t Hannah’s 1st choice but Hannah humbly accepted. She took the white crayon from Suzie and started to rub it on the error mark on the sheet of paper.

To everyone’s amazement, Hannah was writing a confession. She was the one who stole the crayon and framed Amanda. Nobody would ever believe Amanda if she says she’s framed because Amanda is used to lying and deceiving everybody, and everybody knows it. That made Amanda the perfect candidate to frame.

The white crayon which was among the other crayons in the crayon set that no one knew the value yet, had the power to make whoever robbed it against any surface to uncontrollably write the truth on that surface.

The white crayon had made Hannah write the truth about what had happened.

When asked why she did it. Hannah said she was jealous of the gift God gave Suzie. Sure God spent more time with her than with anybody else, but God had never given her a thousand buck before, let alone what he gave Suzie.

It’s a shame that Hannah valued money more than being in the presence of God.

Everyone who heard about what happened walked away learning three things:

First, don’t tell lies. You could build and get stuck to a reputation for it. Then, the day you really need people to believe what you are saying is the truth, they would think you are lying. The more you try to convince them that you aren’t lying, the more they think you are lying.

It was Amanda’s reputation for lying amongst other things, that made it so easy for her to be framed.

Secondly, don’t be envious of what God has blessed someone else with even if it seemed a million times bigger and better than what he’s blessed you with still don’t be jealous. Rejoice and be glad for your own blessing, no matter how little it may be.

Thirdly, spending time in God’s presence is more valuable than all the money in the world.


There Is Something About The Things You Do – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a city much like the one you live in right now, there lived a man named Bob.

Bob was married to a beautiful that his wife excelled in everything that she did. She was full of wisdom, full of love and full of kindness. Without her he knew he was finished.

Bob tried all he could to measure up. He did what he saw his wife do. He studied his wife carefully. He even enrolled in self-help seminars but no matter what he did, he never could measure up to his wife.

Bob’s problem wasn’t that his wife was a better person and more successful than he was. The problem was that Bob knew there was something about his wife – something that he couldn’t put a finger on that made his wife so splendid.

Bob later got fed up and asked his wife what it was. She told him that it was because of her relationship with God, that the deeper it gets, the better a person she becomes.

“Impossible!!!,” Bob cried out. He didn’t think that a healthy relationship with God can have a meaningful effect on anybody’s life.

Kate was serious about her relationship with God, while Bob was just a ‘Sunday – Sunday Christian’ – a person whose only link with Christianity was the fact that he went to church every Sunday Morning.

Kate thought she had heard the end of it, but Bob was just getting warmed up. He was going to investigate till he got to the bottom of it.

Bob hired an assistant for his wife. He made sure he hired a strong atheist so it would decrease the chances of the assistant converting to Christianity and adopting his wife’s Christian beliefs. But he also made sure that the atheist was a fast learner who was also willing to learn, that way he would have somebody close to his wife who wouldn’t become a Christian yet would learn to do that secret thing that his wife did that made her so spectacular.

After weeks past, Bob noticed that the assistant didn’t have that special thing his wife had that made everything she lay her hand on turn out excellent.

Bob cooked up a reason and fired the assistant. He hired another one hoping she would do better than the last one and thereby prove his theory to be right. However, the same thing happened.

12 assistants came and went but things still remained the same. As a matter of fact it was only one assistant who his wife converted to Christianity that actually started having that excellence that his wife had.

His own experiment had proved him wrong.

Bob decided to take his relationship with God more seriously, just to see what would happen.

It turned out that the deeper Bob got into a relationship with God, the more he enjoyed it. He became sincere about it and enjoyed it so much that he forgot that the reason he began to take God seriously was for experimental purposes, until his friends started telling him what he had been saying about his wife all along: everything he lay his hand on to do turned out excellently well.

Bob was now sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that the deeper your relationship with God becomes, the more excellence the works of your hand become.


The Forbidden Lake – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time, in a little Nigerian village called Oguta. There was a lake called, “The forbidden lake”. A Mermaid spirit lived in it and the people of Oguta had to sacrifice one male child to it every 5.00 am of the first day of every month.

The lake was the only source of water, so the villagers had to use its water for their daily living, but the Mermaid forbade them from nearing the lake at night. It was rumoured that she came out to the surface of the water at night and danced on the surface of the water to her mystical spirit music.

In Oguta, there was a rambunctious 13 year old called Chukwudi. One day, Chukwudi decided to sneak unnoticed to the forbidden lake at night so that he could record the mermaid dancing on his little camcorder. He estimated the video would be worth thousands of Naira or even more. The video may not be clear since it is night time but recordings under the moonlight have still been known to make money.

As he approached and waited under the cover of the bushes near the lake, with his eyes wide – gazing at the river, he felt a hand tap him on his shoulder. He turned around only to see the mermaid standing over him. She didn’t have a fish’s tail but you could tell she wasn’t human and she lives in water.

The mermaid took Chukwudi as her prisoner. He was left to rot in a room-sized mystical globe at the bottom of the lake.

All hope was lost, no one would be able to save him. Just then he remembered something he had read in the bible. “All authority and power had been given to the name of Jesus.” The name of Jesus is higher than every other name. So Chukwudi rebuked the mermaid in the name of Jesus and the mermaid disappeared. Chukwudi immediately found himself on dry ground – safe and sound.

From then onwards there was not a mermaid to be found in the forbidden lake.

Chukwudi became a hero to the villagers and the people of Oguta lived happily ever after.


The Lamp On The Battlefield – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a world unlike our own, a war broke out between two nations: the nation of Toma and the nation of Chu.

The war was in its second year. It was a war that had claimed millions. A war which looked like it had no end, not unless one nation completely wipes out the other.

The impact of the war was greatly felt by the non – military citizens of both sides. They had both lost loved ones on the battlefield and the economic situation of both nations was getting worse. The longer the fighting continued the worse the economy got.

Among the non-military citizen of Toma was one Miss. Rebecca Andrews. She was a beautiful independent prominent female doctor with blonde shoulder – length hair, deep blue eyes, a tomboyish nature, a large heart, an open but intelligent mind and she was also a devout follower of Christ.

Rebecca had always had a reputation as a woman with a big heart long before the war began. She had fed the hungry, given to the needy and visited prisons to give inmates free bibles and preach the gospel of Jesus to them – all with her own money. She wasn’t head of a ministry or working for a ministry when she did these things. She just did them because her heart won’t let her do anything else.

She ended up working as the head military doctor on the battlefield. She was in charge of bringing in patients from the battle field and also directing of affairs at the military medical camp for the soldiers of Toma who got injured on the battlefield.

Rebecca got information on where was safe to go and pick up wounded Toma soldiers from a military correspondence who was the link from Toma’s Secretary of Defence to the Toman military medical camp on the battle field which Rebecca was in charge of. The Secretary of Defence was up to date on everything on the battlefield and he was in charge of creating the strategies the soldiers of Toma would use throughout the war.

One evening the correspondent called Rebecca and told her the area of the battlefield was safe for her and her team to go pick up wounded Toma soldiers.

Minutes later, as Rebecca walked around that area of the battlefield while her team members carried stretchers of wounded Toman soldiers off the battlefield. Just then a half dead Chu soldier called out to her. She had seen him before but mistaken him for dead. Now, Rebecca was too important to be lost in the war so the Toman military correspondence never told her to go anywhere he taught even one Chu soldier could be found alive. Whoever checked out that area of the battlefield for safety must have slipped and ended up passing on inaccurate information to the correspondence who in turn passed it to her.

“Don’t move or I will shoot”, Rebecca shouted trying to ignore her fears as the pistol she just drew rattled in her trembling hands.

Her medial crew gathered around, they were astonished and unpleasantly confused.

Rebecca looked into the dying man’s eyes.

“Please help me”, the half dead Chu soldier said.

Rebecca didn’t know what to say, didn’t know what to do but it was clear that if this man is dangerous he wasn’t dangerous right now. He didn’t have enough life in him to even imagine himself standing up much less let them find out if it was dangerous or not. It was clear however that the longer she stood there contemplating whether to help him or not, the shorter the chances of her being able to help him grow. It was also clear that the longer she stood there, the longer she delayed the conveyance of her own people – the wounded Toman soldiers from the battlefield to the medical camp.

Rebecca hated being confused, especially when a deadline seemed to be closing in – pressing her closely together. Just then it hit her. Eureka! That’s it, why didn’t she think of that earlier. Anytime Rebecca had a difficult choice to make she simply asked herself one question “What would God want me to do?”

The answer to that question was what she did no matter how impractical no matter how silly it may seem, even if she didn’t understand it that is what she did.

God loves everybody. He sent his own son to die on the cross just so he can save everybody in the world. No matter their race, gender, creed or situation; God loves everybody and the death of Jesus on the cross didn’t exempt anyone from the privilege of obtaining salvation.

That settled it then. She was going to help that man – she was going to help an enemy solider. Rebecca’s team hesitated but Rebecca was their boss besides something in them made them want to help the man. They tentatively put him on a stretcher and carried him into one of the medical vans they had brought. That day marked the beginning of something new inside Rebecca’s heart.

Rebecca and her team began to help everybody irrespective of nationality: enemy soldier or fellow countrymen soldiers.

The soldiers from her own nation (Toma) were not happy they were begin treated (of wounds, fractures and all other things that makes a solider from the battlefield seek medical assistance), under the same roof with the people who put them on their death bed. There were a few isolated cases of somewhat violent rebellions to protest against the enemy being treated under Toma roof on Toma war funds. At that time there was now about 20 enemy soldiers receiving treatment in the camp.

Word got to the secretary of defence and for the 1st time he contacted Rebecca himself. He called her on her cell phone. The conversation was terse, raw … short. Matter of fact it wasn’t even a conversation. In a conversation the parties involved have to hear each other out but in this case it was just making an order. Like a customer in a restaurant orders for a particular food to be brought to him, the secretary of defence ordered Rebecca to stop compromising the war plans. She should stop treating the enemy in a Toman medical camp. He told her that she was being a traitor by helping the enemy. She was undoing what soldiers from her country where doing. She might as well be raising the enemy soldiers from the dead, given them guns, and then saying to them, ‘Continue where you left off’. She was basically fighting for the enemy in his eyes.

The secretary of defence did not want to relive Rebecca of her duties because both the Toman soldiers and the medical personnels where already attached to her. As a matter of fact, if it wasn’t for her feeding and treating the enemy thing, she was a sure bet for an award.

The stress and pressure from the secretary of defence made Rebecca want to reconsider but she heard the voice of God telling her to specifically stay on course and continue what she was doing but she was now to enforce mandatory Bible studies, everyday in the camp. Bible studies which everyone in her camp would attend: Tomas and Chus together.

Initially she had kept Chu soldiers in separate tents from Toman soldiers. To avoid patients stabbing their roommates to death at night but now God was suggesting something different. Even though what God was suggesting seemed crazy, Rebecca knew it was the best thing to do, and with time the soldiers from both nations started getting along really well. It turned out that when a soldier got to know a soldier from another nation, he actually got to see they had a lot in common.

As you could imagine, this created problems on the battlefield because Toman soldiers who had recovered thanks to Rebecca’s medical camp felt awkward when being told to shoot and kill Chu soldiers on the battlefield when they had close friends that were Chu soldiers at the Rebecca’s medical camp.

This seriously confused the soldiers.

One greatly major thing that happened in that camp concerned a Chu soldier who was treated and catered for for 3 weeks on Rebecca’s camp before he ran away to rejoin his Chu soldiers. The big thing was, that man was the chief commander of the Chu army. This angered the Toman secretary of state greatly. What point is there is fighting a war if when you finally knock down a high ranking commander of legendary status, you end up nursing his wounds. I mean what was the point of the war in the 1st place, wasn’t it to kill him and those like him. The Toman secretary of defence started making moves to pull Rebecca out of the battlefield.

The Chu commander that escaped was practically in charge to the war. He was the highest Chu military personnel on the battlefield and hero to his people thanks to his success in past wars.

The Chu commander knew he now owed his life to Rebecca – he knew he owed his life to a Toman. How then could he see Toman’s as the enemy?

Although he didn’t stop his soldiers from fighting which would have resulted in being canned by the President of Chu, he however started treating the prisoners of war like human beings. Surprisingly, the Chu soldiers seemed to like it. If he didn’t know any better he would think that they loved the Toman soldiers. Geez, who was he kidding, this war was turning into something else and no matter what anyone thinks he knew it was because of Rebecca.

Now something else really started to take a toll on things and it was in letters – the letters soldiers sent home to their family. It resulted in wives of Chu soldiers sending thank you letters to Rebecca’s camp for saving their husbands lives. Rebecca soon became the most popular topic of discussion in both warring nations. She was the only one both nations liked and she got nick-named “The Lamp in the Battlefield”, by the wife of the Chu President in a public speech.

The Toman secretary of state was furious. He ordered Rebecca be executed on the camp for treason. Word of it spread and on the day of her execution, civilians and soldiers from both nations journeyed to the camp to protest against her execution – they all journeyed to the lamp in the battlefield. Among those who came was the wife of the Chu president. She came against her husband’s wishes.

With millions of people gathered against Rebecca’s execution who were sure to resort to violence if anyone dreamt of touching as much as a strand of hair on Rebecca, it became clear that its best they never ever dream of executing her.

The event did accomplish one thing: Tomans and Chus were gathered together in one place and standing for one course with nobody fighting. All those who were supposed to be shooting someone else at that moment in the name of war was there to protest with guns in hand against Rebecca’s execution including the Chu commander whose live she had saved.

This was a divine set up. The crowd wanted Rebecca to give a speech, and after an improvised stage was set up and a P.A system was set up, the Holy Ghost’s presence was made manifest in her and she could feel the anointing burning strong with her.

Rebecca spoke with wisdom and power. She asked them how many of them liked a least someone from another nation? She asked if war even had the potential of solving any problem? She asked if they liked the blood of someone else being on their hands and call it patriotism – fighting for their country? She asked if they couldn’t resolve their problems through a peaceful means -negotiating across a table like civilised human beings perhaps? She asked if any man born of a woman truly had the right to take away somebody else’s life? She asked them if when they look at the faces beside them, they don’t see themselves – people just like them. They may be of different nations but aren’t they still like them – sharing their feelings, fears, wants and more? Lastly, she asked if they would all like to receive Jesus Christ into their hearts.

That speech went down in history as the greatest speech ever made. It was a speech at the end of which every soldier dropped their guns then started crying and hugging each other.

This was the 1st time in history a war ended not because of some politicians politicking or one side winning the war, but by soldiers standing up and plainly refusing to fight out of common sense. It was the common sense that war has never made sense and never will.

A peace treaty had to be signed; issues were resolved across a table and not on a battlefield. The people of both nations now had the platform to live happily ever after. Thanks be to Jesus.


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