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The Christmas Letter From A Jail Cell – by Alfred (a romantic short story)

The Christmas Letter From A Jail Cell – by Alfred (a romantic short story)

Mary wrapped her arms around herself. Christmas used to be one of her most favorite times of the year. She used to love it with all her heart and it was something she used to look forward to because of all the gifts and celebration.

Now she only loved it for it’s spiritual significance. Everything else about Christmas for her was now painful. She couldn’t even put food on the table. She had gone from being filthy rich and having butlers and maids to having nothing and living in unbelievably poor conditions.

It all started when her husband, Stanley was thrown in jail. He had beat up someone to a pulp and almost killed the person.

They gave him a few years in jail and somehow a few years seemed like forever. Mary didn’t know if she could take it anymore without her husband. He hadn’t spoken or even written to her after the sentence. She’d written many times but had gotten no reply.

The only reason she could cope now was because of her faith in Jesus. She had become a Christian some weeks after Stanley was thrown in jail. Now she prayed everyday for help that God would help her out. She prayed that God would turn her stormy nights into brighter days.

She was pregnant at the time of the sentencing but Stanley didn’t know it. Now he had a child he didn’t know he had. A child that he left without the money needed to feed.

Mary’s husband, Stanley sat quietly in his cell thinking about how he wished he could take back what the did just when a couple comes to preach to all the inmates. The couple obviously preferred to spend their Christmas preaching to inmates and telling them about Jesus rather than doing a million other things people can do during Christmas. The fact that they where there alone showed the inmates a love that they hadn’t seen for a long time.

As the couple preached Stanley challenged them but they patiently and lovingly answer all his questions. They tell him that Jesus loves him and because of his love in them they love him as well as all the other inmates too.

Stanley tells them that nobody has ever told him that they love him. Not even his wife who he hadn’t spoken to in year. She had written him many letters but he never wrote back. For some reason, he was scared to even open them and read them. He was scared of what the letters might contain. He felt like he had failed her from the moment he was thrown into jail.

Stanley let’s the couple lead him to Christ in a salvation prayer. He takes a pen and paper and writes a note to his wife. He gives the couple the required address and begs them to mail it for him so that his wife would get it this Christmas. If he waited for the prison’s mailing system it would get to her the following year and not by Christmas.

He then writes another note. But this one is to his bank.

The couple agreed to help Stanley mail the letters with the approval of a warden.

Stanley’s wife got the mail. It was super good news for her; not only does her man still love her but she doesn’t need to suffer anymore. He had now given her access to his bank account. She would never lack again. Stanley’s wife picked up a pen and started writing him back. She would write about the son that he didn’t know he had, and about the faith in their love that he had re-kindled it’s fire again. She would write about her new found walk with God which she started some weeks after he was put in prison. She would write that no matter how long: No matter how many seasons it takes, SHE WOULD WAIT FOR HIM.

The End.

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