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The Couple That Loved & Saved Africa – by Alfred (a romantic short story)

The Couple That Loved & Saved Africa – by Alfred (a romantic short story)

Cody and Samantha where both public figures. They were both big stars in Hollywood and had met long before their Hollywood careers began. Even though they were not Christians for some miraculous reason they had been together for five years since they started dating which was a miracle in Hollywood circles. There was a few moments of promiscuity here and there but the key thing was that neither one knew of the others promiscuity so they both taught the other was 100% faithful. Technically, they were still together because each one kept their own indiscretions secret.

Cody and Samantha soon got married and it became a big Hollywood event. Everybody in the media was raving and talking about it. Their colleagues talked in front of cameras about how perfect for each other they were, and a famous TV celebrity psychologist predicted there marriage would last forever.

After their marriage, things went smoothly until one morning Samantha picked up a new copy of a magazine she subscribed to and saw a picture of her husband kissing another woman in a hotel room on the front cover. What she had feared had come upon her. A part of her hoped the picture was photoshopped but as she called him, threw the magazine at him and started shouting at him; even though he said that it was photoshopped she could see he was lying from the look in his eyes. She had known him long enough to know when he was lying.

She was mad and she threw things at him, she called him all sorts of names and they spend a lot of time with her trying to get upstairs to back her bags while he kept blocking her way and kneeing down: begging her to not leave her with amplified sincerity. He knelt down so much and begged so much that she began to be confused become unable to tell whether he was sorry he cheated on her or he was sorry he got caught. Well, if he was faking it; then he deserved an Oscar more than every other actor in the world.

Anyway, all Samantha could think of right now was to leave the cheat. She picked up the magazine and showed him the picture, How can you say this is photoshopped. This is you. This is you cheating on me.

Samantha flung the magazine to the ground as she cried and continued raining curses down on him. Then she noticed something was different. Even though her husband was standing in front of her, he was no longer listening to her. It was as if he was no longer even hearing her. Something had caught his eye.

Samantha followed her husbands line of vision and saw that the magazine she had thrown on the ground now had its back page facing up.

Cody slowly bent down to pick it up. The whole house was silent now, you could hear a pin drop.

Was he seeing what he was seeing?
Yes, he was. His eyes weren’t playing tricks on him.

Cody could hardly believe it. What was he staring at? It was a picture of his wife cheating on him with a very popular actor in a five star hotel room.

What the magazine publishers had done was to put a picture of Cody cheating on Samantha on the front cover, and then put a picture of Samantha cheating on Cody on the back cover. So if you open up the magazine and look behind at the covers, you would see the two pictures lined up side by side for comparison and perhaps irony.

Then, inside the magazine the magazine was whatever speculation the magazine editors had to explain those two pictures as their feature story.

YOU HYPOCRITE! Cody shouted as he gave the magazine to her so that she can look at it properly. Now it was her turn to beg.

Samantha started begging and kneeing down and telling him that it was an accident.

He no longer saw the need of lying that the picture of him was photoshopped.
Samantha cried and begged while Cody rained abuses on her. Cody was bold now. He talked and talked and talked as his wife begged and begged and begged.

Cody soon started shouting at his wife to pack her bags and leave her house.

Samantha started begging him that please she wanted to stay but he wouldn’t listen. He told her to pack her bags.

As Samantha touched him as she begged him while she knelt on the floor, Cody got so annoyed that he pushed her to the floor and she hurt herself. The room fell silent all of a sudden. Samantha had stopped begging.

Like if the blow had knocked something into her or out of her, Samantha stood up slowly.

She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, and then she spat on his face. You low life cheat. After all, he did cheat on her too.

Cody paused. He couldn’t keep shouting and he didn’t know if he should start begging again. He had forgotten that he is just as guilty as she is.

I’m leaving. I want a divorce, Samantha said as she headed towards the stair to go and pack her bags.

Cody felt numb, but… but He didn’t know what to say but he knew he wanted her to stay.

Suddenly, they heard a knock on the door. Cody looked at the door and he was surprised to see not only his parents but her parents also. They must have seen the magazine before them and had started heading to their house as quickly as they could.

For four parents where welcomed into the house and Cody and Samantha sat down in the living room with their parents.

After what turned into 4 hours of talking, Cody and Samantha decided to take their parents counsel and stay together but go for counseling.

Their parents weren’t Christians but they choose a Christian counsellor. I guess they were only looking for the most effective guy.

After 6 months of Christian counseling, Cody and Samantha were crazy about each other. They were born again believers in Jesus and they had Christ at the center of everything they did.
Soon, their rebirth in Christ became public news and Cody and Samantha became Christian TV guest faces on a lot of Christian shows.

They got criticized for becoming Christians by secular media were they were from and where often the subject of riddle or at least got one insulting remark targeted at them in TV talk shows, cartoons, and comic strips. However, Cody and Samantha now had good new Christian friends; some of whom came from the show biz world. They held each other up and helped Cody and Samantha keep their head up all through the persecution.

The persecution only got worse and as always when a celebrity is ridiculed for becoming a Christian, the public writes of the ridicule as just harmless jokes. They forget that if someone spoke that way about their personal life, their personal choices and their beliefs they wouldn’t take it sitting down.

Cody and Samantha’s old friends stopped calling and visiting them. Those that called, called them only to as the said Talk some sense into them.
Then the media begins to pressure them about giving to Africa and that they should give more especially as they are Christians.

This new frenzy about giving started when the two top richest men in the world appeared on billboards written that they can be good without God; it also stipulated how much money in figures they had given to Africa and other charities.

The media felt that this was a good area to attack Cody and Samantha in. After all the felt they needed God to be good, so why don’t they top that.

The matter got so serious that Cody and Samantha started getting letters and e -mails from every angle, telling them that they should give.

The pressure was much and Cody and Samantha decided to take a trip to Africa.

They finally had some peace from the celebrity crazed media, and actually had some time by themselves to relax and mediate on the word.

While they were in Africa, they actually had time to mingle with Africans and they discovered that many of the people that the trucks from America brought food to where any the same people that the trucks found when they returned with food for starving Africans months later because many of them where dead.
Cody and Samantha looked at the matter with the wisdom of God. They began to realize that what Africa needed wasn’t for Americans to be bringing them food all the time. The solution was not in African being a financial liability to America and a charity case to America and the rest of the world for all of existence. Africa’s solution was not in opening their mouths and being spoon fed by America and the rest of the world for the rest of their lives.

But the question now that Cody and Samantha had made this awesome discovery was; What is the solution for Africa?

Cody and Samantha spend them praying and shuttling across Africa, not giving any one a dime for food but observing everything they saw.

Cody and Samantha prayed and God continued to give them more ideas and open there eyes to see things from perspectives that other people didn’t see. Until one night, while Cody and Samantha sat together in a tent sharing ideas and talking about their observation; the hit an epiphany. They finally discovered what the solution for Africa is.

But it wasn’t long before the celebrity crazed media found out that they were in Africa and followed them there. As they came out of their tents the very next day they saw news reporters in safari jeeps coming their way with their cameras already recording.

Cody and Samantha packed up their camping materials, they said no comment and ignored the reporters as the rode on camel’s back to a hotel that they had stayed in.

Cody and Samantha already had had some meetings with the Minister of foreign affairs of the country so they called him, and he was kind enough to come himself with the police to keep the reporters at bay.

Cody and Samantha barely had any peace that day, and the very next day a special group of reporters who don’t normally get turned down because its is not in anybody’s best interest to do so; came to interview Cody and Samantha.

Cody and Samantha figured they should agree.
In the middle of the interview, the key reporter said that based on what he has looked into in America, if Cody and Samantha give as little as one million dollars to charity they would be nominees for the prestigious humanitarian award.

Cody and Samantha looked at each other, then looked back at the key reporter and said, No! thanks.

The key reporter couldnt believe his ears. What did you say?

No! thanks they echoed simultaneously.

Are going to give anything at all the key reporter asked, sitting on the edge of his seat.

Samantha smiled and said, Not a dime.

Do you realize how what you said could ruin your careers, the key reporter asked.

Our careers are in Gods hands, Cody said.

We are only doing whats best for Africa, Samantha added. No existing charity organization in America does what is best for Africa so there isnt even an organization to give to

YOU TWO HAVE LOST YOUR MINDS, the key reporter interrupted then he packed his things together and got up to leave with his crew.

Wait! dont you want to hear everything, Samantha asked.

No! Thank You, the key reporter said as he walked out the door.

Cody and Samantha prayed and praised God that day. The next day they went to the Minister of foreign affairs and told him that they would like to call together an in-house press conference, that they want the local media and all the other media stations that reach the rest of Africa there.

3 weeks later it was done. Cody and Samantha stood in front of all of Africa through the media.

They told Africa what God had revealed to them was the solution of Africa. They told them that what Africa needs isn’t food from America. Matter of fact, Africa already has more food than America; they just need to till the ground to bring it out.

Cody and Samantha told Africa that what they need is Jesus, wisdom and love. If Africa had these three things they would have all they need and would become a great continent that undoubtedly their nations would become the strongest economy in the world.

Cody and Samantha told Africa who Jesus is and what he has come to do in their lives. Then they spoke about wisdom and how it is a very key factor for the development of Africa. They told Africans that instead of asking or collecting food from America and other countries that they should ask for books from these countries and ask for them to come into Africa and build schools and Universities for Africans in Africa but it should have the same standard and equipment as Harvard, Stanford or Yale. If Africa has the same standard of education that America has, then Africa would have the secret that makes America great and Africa would now be just as powerful or even more powerful than America.

Cody and Samantha told Africa that if they hunger for wisdom and not American food, that they would have the wisdom to produce food, technological gadgets and other wonderful things that would make America and the rest of the world rush to them with money to pay for because they wouldn’t have a choice.

Lastly, Cody and Samantha explained the meaning of love and how love is God. They also told Africa that if they had love they would work to help one another, and stop killing one another because of tribal and religious conflicts.

Cody and Samantha spoke about love in a way that Africa had never heard about.

Tears began to fall from faces all across Africa.

Cody and Samantha told Africa that they loved them and they truly did.

They gave an altar call and led billions of Africans to Christ who were watching on TV, listening through the radio , or streaming it through African websites.

Cody and Samantha then announced as a new beginning for Africa they would be giving 5 million dollars to Africa from their own pocket.

Everybody started clapping.
Cody and Samantha wiped the tears from their own eyes and said that 3 million of the money would go to building new businesses for Africans which would belong to the Africans 100%, and the remaining 2 million would be spent on building Secondary schools across Africa; as far as the 2 million can go.

Cody and Samantha thanked everyone, they took a bow, and then stepped off the stage.

10 years later, Africa didn’t look the same. Africans had regretted generous donations of food from America and other nations and told them that they now only accept donations of free books.

Africa soon became known as, The Continent That Reads, and it was no longer known as, The Dark Continent.

Africa was producing more and more goods daily, and now was among one of the top exporters in history.

You could hardly find anyone hungry in Africa because people now walked in love and where quick to help each other.

And on the spot on which Cody and Samantha gave their speech, stood a giant statue of them bigger than the statue of Liberty. At the base of it, it was written: CODY AND SAMANTHA THE COUPLE THAT LOVED & SAVED AFRICA.

The End.

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