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The E Mail – by Alfred (a romantic short story)

The E  Mail – by Alfred (a romantic short story)

Alice received an e-mail in her mail box one morning. Her heart skipped beats as she read the mail.

Alice went into a state of depression. She prays and begs God for help but she cries and cries and cries.

She shuts down her online blog that was once a beacon of hope to many women around the country who followed it.

Alice’s husband, Ted finds out something is wrong seriously wrong and he pushes Alice to tell him what is wrong but she doesn’t want to tell him what’s wrong. He was the last person she wanted to find out what was wrong.

Ted made some lemonade for Alice and he kept it by her bedside. Then he went to the computer in another room and he tracks back all the people he knew Alice was online friends with and followed her blog when it was still up.

The process wasn’t easy.

After 2 days of intensive investigating, Ted found out about the e-mail Alice had received. Ted tracked back the e-mail address of the person who sent his wife the e-mail and then told him who he was and that he should leave his wife alone that no secret in the world from his wife’s past can ever make him leave his wife.

Ted confronted his wife and told her that he discovered what was wrong. He told her that doesn’t she know that nothing she could have ever done in the past can ever make him stop loving her?

Ted told her to let go of the past and that he is not even going to bother to ask her what it is from her past that the person intends to use to use to blackmail her because quite frankly he didn’t care.

Ted told her that when they became Christians, God forgave them their sins so why should he be upset over a sin from her past that God had already forgiven her for.

Alice cheered up.

Ted jugged her and he kissed her. His words and his kiss chased her depression away.

Alice got out of bed and felt strong and happy once again.

5 minutes later, her blog was back online.

The End.

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