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The Legendary Pic Blog – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

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Once upon a time in a place called Nigeria there lived a little boy named Marcus. He belonged to a Christian home and he was a very playful child. His father might as well be called a ghost because he was never around and no one noticed it. The funny thing was that when he was around no one noticed it too.

Marcus’ mother was a hard working woman who didn’t take any nonsense from her kids. If they ever stepped out of line she cleared her busy schedule to spank them.

Marcus also had a big sister named, Paula. She was in JSS 3 while Marcus was in Primary 2. Thus, the difference between them was really big but not too big.

Paula, didn’t have time to play with her little brother. She was always hanging with her friends in her room. In many ways, Marcus and Paula where strangers to each other.

Today, however was a special day. A day that everyone was to give Marcus all the attention he demanded. Today was his birthday.

Marcus soon reached his favorite part of his birthday. It is the time for him to open up the presents.

Marcus got lots of special presents from friends and family but the one that stood out was the one sent down from London by his Uncle who illegally manipulated his way to Europe. The present was a beautiful smart phone with all the current features available. It could even take pictures. You could edit the pictures and you could update or create blogs with it. It was awesome.

In Nigeria, little boys do not have smart phones so the fact that Marcus had one made him the coolest kid in town.
2 days later, Marcus had taken about 220 pictures already. He was hooked. He took pictures of just about anything.

Marcus decided that rather than minimize how much he takes pictures or take too many pictures that would soon fill up his smart phones memory, that he should store the pics online using some means that he won’t have to pay money for it. Marcus later decided that one of the ways to pull that off was to start a blog.

Marcus soon had a blog that contained pictures of everyone and everything around him. The site started getting a little buzz in his neighborhood because everyone could see a picture someone they knew going about their daily routine or doing something strange during their day. Marcus’ friend Bruno tells Marcus that if he keeps up with the idea, his site be as valuable as major search engines. As a matter of fact, it would become legendary – The Legendary Pic Blog.

With time Marcus’ site was filled with pictures of people that were taken when the last thing that they wanted was to get their picture taken. This of course cased some serious complains. Paula sat Marcus down to have a chat with him and explains things to him that it’s not cool to go around talking just any and anybody’s picture without their permission. You just can’t snap a photo of a stranger walking past you and then just post it on the internet without their permission or anything.He had even taken a picture of Paula herself when she had just woken up in the morning and her hair was a mess and she posted it on the internet.

In-spite of Paula’s advise, Marcus continued like he always had.
Paula tells his Mum about all the trouble that Marcus was causing. Mum scolds him and tells him to stop taking pictures of people without their permission and that if he continues he would be in some serious trouble.
Marcus decided to lay low on taking people’s pictures instead of stopping totally like his Mum had told him to.

A few days later, Marcus sees some interesting activity going on as a walked by the back entrance of a bank. Some cops where loading something into a vehicle and acting really secretive. Marcus decided to take a picture of it and so he takes a picture of them.15 minutes later, Marcus was in police custody for suspicion of trying to gather details for the robbing of a bank.

Marcus’ Mum had to be called and after she cleared things up which means she not only had to prove that her son was innocent and maybe a little stupid too, but she also had to give the cops some money – actually a lot of money as is the way things work with the Nigerian police.

Mum gave Marcus an ass whooping he would never forget later that day for being disobedient. After that day, Marcus realized that even though we are living in a world where we have smart phones that can take high quality pictures of the world around us with us at all times, it doesn’t mean we can invade people’s privacy by taking people’s pictures without their permission. Marcus also shut down his Legendary Pic Blog. If he must have a blog he might as well have a blog that doesn’t require ignoring proper ethics.


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