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The Night Before Christmas – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Audio Books For Kids - Written & Read By Alfred


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Once upon a time in a place just like any other there lived a little Christian boy named Tommy. He belonged to a Christian family. He had fun parents and an elder brother named Mark who he deeply respected and admired.

Tommy believed in Santa and his Dad encouraged it. His Mum however, differed on encouraging the belief in Santa. She once called her husband to the side and told him that she doesn’t like how strongly he is pushing the Santa thing. But he told her that when he was a little boy that the Santa thing meant so much to him and most of his most precious moments during Christmas period from his childhood was as a result of believing in Santa.

That Christmas, while Tommy and Mark where having a conversation in their room, Mark got fed up of how many times Tommy was using the word “Santa” in his sentences like if Santa was a real being. So Mark told Tommy that there was no such thing as Santa.

Tommy was shocked and upset that Mark could say such a dreadful thing.

They ended up arguing for hours.

Tommy then suggested that they go ask their Dad but Mark says, No! that Dad would just say that there is a Santa just to keep Tommy excited in believing in Santa.

Mark tells Tommy that he has a plan that would clear up the matter once and for all. He then whispered the plan into Tommy’s ear.

Tommy agreed with the plan.

Midway through the day, because of Mark’s confidence Tommy started having doubts in Santa being real and so he goes and asks Dad to get some reassurance.

Dad is like of cause Santa is real. “Why would you even want to believe there is no Santa?”, Dad asked Tommy.

“Nothing!”, Tommy answered.

Dad is like, Uh – huh! He felt something suspicious was going on, or probably it’s just his mind playing tricks on him.

Dad reminded Tommy to put out a cup of milk and a plate of cookies for Santa because Santa gets hungry and has extra love for kids who leave him milk and cookies to eat.

“Yes, I will Dad”, Tommy responded and walked away.

Later that night, Dad quietly sneaked down the stairs with a bag of presents in his hand and he put down the presents at the foot of the Christmas tree then he headed for the table with the cup of milk and plate of cookies and as he sat down to eat, Mark and Tommy popped out of hiding and Tommy screamed out, “DAD???”


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