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The One Who Never Got Married – by Alfred (a romantic short story)

The One Who Never Got Married – by Alfred (a romantic short story)

The Late Pastors Mr & Mrs. Smith, had 6 wonderful daughters. They were all very beautiful and they were all Christians.

Even though their parents were dead, they still had their large family house to themselves and the books that their parents had written years before they passed was still earning income for them, however they still had jobs.

All the sisters were all grown up and they had reached the age where it was normal for them to want to get married.

The 2nd sister, Cassandra was worried that the 1st and 3rd sister had gotten married but still she had not gotten married.

Cassandra was very beautiful. She wondered why a lady as beautiful as herself would be having problems with getting married.

Guys never dated her for more than one week. She blamed it on them being jerks and said to herself that in-spite of the fact that she is getting all these guys from churches, that the real reason why they are leaving her is because she is not allowing them to sleep with her outside of marriage.

The other sisters kept getting married gradually as the years went by until finally they all got married, only Cassandra was left behind.

Cassandra hangs in there. She stays strong believing in God that one day He would bring her a husband. She wouldnt give up on hope.

Soon Cassandra woke up one morning and she found out that she was 80 years old. The years had gone by. She had been hoping and hoping and hoping but the days had turned into weeks, the weeks had turned into months, the months had turned into years, and the years had turned into decades.

Cassandra began to wonder if it is wise to still be hoping for a husband, but she threw away all doubt and she went on hoping.

Cassandra died a natural death without getting married.

When she got to heaven, God granted her access into heaven. She had made it into heaven.

While walking into heaven with God, Cassandra told God, Can I ask you something?

Sure Anything, God replied.
Why didn’t you answer my prayers back on earth.”
God turned and looked at Cassandra. You mean your prayers about getting married?

Yes Cassandra responded, looking a little bit angry.
God smiled. Then he put his arms around Cassandra like a loving father as they walked deeper into heaven together.

I answered your prayers Cassandra, but every man I sent to you came back to me and said No! thank you after you gave them your form of 201 questions to fill that you told them would serve the purpose of determining if they are worthy of you. You were looking for Mr. Perfect. But the thing is, I never created any Mr. Perfect.

The End.

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