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The Persecution Of Benny Bones – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived an evangelist named Benny Bones. He loved the Lord and was known as the world’s biggest Miracle – Healing evangelist. Then again there weren’t so many healing ministers in the world at that time.

Benny soon started getting attacked on a very very large scale after 20 years of ministry. He had been attacked for his faith before but now … things were different. Christians around the world had become so canal that they questioned the miraculous. They doubted anyone who called himself a healing minister or expected an instantaneous miracle when they laid their hands on the sick. Now if this was the attitude of Christians towards divine healing, you don’t even want to imagine the attitude of people of the world towards it.

Benny was under so much pressure. Other ministers of other ministries who hadn’t long ago disassociated from him now did. Even some ministers in his own ministry left him, only a few stayed and even though every one of them had seen beyond a shadow of a doubt that God had used Benny to perform incredible miracles of healing on folks through the years, they struggled with the pressure to conform to the ways and mindset of the world – that anti- divine healing mentality.

Those ministers who stayed with Benny soon started telling him that he should preach about anything except divine healing and that he should stop praying for the sick at his crusades.

Benny told them that he cannot do that; that he cannot not do what God has called him to do. He has to obey the call of God he has on his life no matter how unpopular it is or how much hatred it attracts to him.

The persecution against healing ministers continued and intensified. Years later Benny was left alone and now the last string he had; the TV station that aired his program on was threating to take him off the air. Benny was at the end of the road or so it seemed.

Benny got on his knees and prayed all night. He could hear God telling him to hold on but Benny was like for how long was he to hold on? The pressure was too much. His friends had left him. The people that were supposed to have his back had abandoned him. All the people that he had healed miraculously in his ministry had not stood up to stand by him – where were they? They were all enjoying their lives somewhere and though they must have seen the criticism he was going through in the media they didn’t move an inch – they did nothing to help him; not even get on the internet or do an interview or something and stand by him; I mean people of the world are attacking the very thing (divine healing) that has restored to them a normal life and they (those Benny healed) are doing nothing to stop it.

Benny got sick of holding on and so he conformed. He stopped preaching on divine healing and would rather have medical doctors come on his TV show to tell viewers what to eat and what not to eat.

As time went on, Benny was no longer known as a healing minister even though he still had the healing anointing which he clearly did not use. And the animosity from the world towards Benny decreased.

As God had long pre-programmed, the appointed time came and God touch a wealthy old man’s heart to sow a free TV station into the ministry of a healing minister, but now Benny who was once the most popular healing minister in the world was no more a healing minister so the wealthy old man gave it to one of the few people who had remained a healing minster in spite of the strong animosity towards healing ministers. The recipient of the TV channel used it to change the mindset and mentality of the people around the world towards divine healing. God used him to do what Benny was destined to do.

It just goes to show that you must always learn to hold on no matter how tough it gets and always remember God had created everyone for a special purpose and if you fail to fulfill your purpose then God would make that purpose be fulfilled through somebody else. Never walk away from your God given purpose, not even for a second.


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