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The Plan For The Christmas Party – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Audio Books For Kids - Written & Read By Alfred


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Once upon a time, in a place just like where you live right now there lived a nice little Christian girl named Sonia. She had wonderful parents and she looked up to her Mum as her role model. She loved her very much and always enjoyed her company.

Sonia was very intelligent too. She loved to read books and did very well in school, although sometimes she got too carried away by how intelligent her test scores said she was, and so she liked to do things her own way.

One day, while in church, Sonia and her parents heard a very touching sermon during the Christmas season. It made Sonia want to do something for the poor and less privileged around her neighborhood. Her parents where rich so it wasn’t going to be a problem and even if they weren’t rich she knew that even the poor can give to the poor. You don’t have to be rich in other to be able to give, you just have to be able to be concerned about someone else to be able to give.

Sonia decided to throw a Christmas party for the less privileged.
Sonia’s Mum liked the idea and she put Sonia in charge of organizing the Christmas party. She wanted to utilize the opportunity to create a wonderful learning experience for her daughter. Sonia started out getting things ready for the Christmas party right away but her Mum told her to hold on that she has to have a List first.

Sonia told her Mum that she doesn’t need a list.

Her Mum insists that she does. She makes one for her and then gives it to her to use.

Sonia used the list a little bit but figured that all the things on the list are already things she knows to do so she didn’t even need to look at the list in the first place.

Therefore, Sonia stopped using the list.
Sonia worked very hard to organize things for the party but her Mum who was supervising her acted strange. It was like she knew something that Sonia didn’t know and would sometimes just fold her arms and shake her head when she watched Sonia running around to organize things for the party.

When the day of the party finally arrived Sonia was really proud of herself. There was food, presents, toys, entertainment and a bunch of other wonderful and lovely things for everyone to enjoy. Surely, anybody who attended the party would enjoy the party so much that they would talk about it for days or even weeks to come.

When the hands of the clock struck the time for the party to start, Sonia looked at the open front door which had nothing but air passing through it and then she realized that she had forgotten to invite people for the party. She had forgotten one of the first three things on the List, which was actually the most important thing on the List.


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