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The Samurai’s New Way – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time, in a land of violence and Samurais, there lived a Samurai who became a Christian. His wife who was also good at Kung Fu taught he was crazy. She wondered how her husband would survive in the land if he wasn’t going to beat up a few people every now and then.

The Samurai didn’t give in to all the points his wife raised, he was a Christian now and he would fight no more.

His wife was angry with him so she came up with a plan. She sent her husband to sell some goods that were in high demand to a neighboring village but the only route to the village was rather dangerous because criminals always ambushed people who passed there.

To make sure criminals would ambush her husband when he passed, she hired some criminals to wait for him at the time her husband was to pass. She didn’t tell them it was her husband she wanted them to ambush.

She knew she wasn’t putting her husband in any real danger. As far as her husband fought, it would be them that would be in a lot of danger because he was one of the finest Samurais in the land.

The time came for her husband to pass, but God made the criminals not see her husband as they waited cleverly hidden, ready to pounce whenever they see him.
But Jesus protects those that are his. God grants a safe journey to those who ask it of him. The Samurai had asked, so God had made those who waited along the way to harm him not to see him.

The hired men waited and waited till they could wait no more. They were angry that they had been sent on a wild goose chase. Even though the Samurai’s wife had paid them, they could have used all the time they spent waiting for the Samurai on other criminal activities.

They angrily went to meet the Samurai’s wife at home so they could beat her and steal some money from her.

After they told her what had happened, she knew it had to be one of those Jesus miracles her husband always talked about that must have happened because she knew her husband passed that route at that time. But she forced herself not to believe that all that Jesus stuff was real.

The hired men wanted to start beating her but she was very good in Kung Fu and so she beat them up big time and had them running away like puppies with their tails between their legs.

The Samurai’s wife was still puzzled as to why they didn’t see her husband, but as she was still thinking about it, the hired men returned with many bigger, stronger and more skilled men.

The Samurai’s wife fought bravely and very impressively. She had the upper hand but after 15 minutes the tables where slowly turning as she got weaker.

Soon it was obvious that she wouldn’t win. She was very, very outnumbered and a little bit outmatched. The odds were not in her favour.

The Samurai happened to return at this time and when he saw what was happening to his wife. He discreetly sent a message to the Samurai police by a carrier pigeon. He said a short prayer. Then he attracted everyone’s attention – stopping them from fighting like he was about to say something very important. He apologized to the hired men and their friends who were a little confused.

The Samurai told them all to claim down, that there is no reason for violence. There was no reason for them not to sit down and settle whatever was wrong like civilized men.

The Samurai invited them into his house. He set food before them – really delicious food with an irresistible aroma.

One of them suggested he poisoned the food but all their doubts were cleared when the Samurai sampled the food himself.

They all started eating and enjoying themselves. Just then, the Samurai police arrived and arrested the hired men and their friends.

Jesus, as the bible tells us is wisdom to those that are his. The Samurai had acted wisely and his wife was impressed with him and his God and she decided to become a Christian too.

Violence is never the way to go. If you use violence to solve an issue it is likely to result in a bigger problem that is too violent for your most violent endeavours to solve.

Peace is always the best way to go.


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