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The Spooky Sounds From Next Door – by Alfred (a romantic short story)

The Spooky Sounds From Next Door - by Alfred (a romantic short story)


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Cynthia and James were a lovely Christian couple. They loved the Lord with all their hearts and they were blessed by God financially. They lived in a wonderful and beautiful neighborhood and it has been their home for almost 8 years.

One cool afternoon they watched a moving truck move roll by and stop next door. Therefore confirming the talk that the empty house next door had been sold.

By that evening everything was clear as to who had moved in as Cynthia and James went over to introduce themselves.

Cynthia and James were happily welcomed by Matt and Mary into their new home. They ended up having a great time and finding out key things about each other.

Matt and Mary were from South Africa and had just permanently relocated to America. Matt has sold his business in South Africa and had decided to travel to America to escape possible political problems in South Africa.

Both couples seemed happy about each other and both of them were sure that this was the making of a great family friendship.

Later, that night when Cynthia and James are asleep they hear strange noises. The wake up and listen closely. It sounds like chanting: weird and spooky chanting.

Cynthia and James get up from their beds and follow the noise a little bit closely. Then they found out that the sound was coming from Matt and Mary’s house. The weird chanting sound was coming from Matt and Mary’s house.

Just then James remembered that Matt had said that they are from Africa. Oh My! they are doing at African ritual right next door?

James told his wife what he taught Matt and Mary were doing.

His wife told him not to be ridiculous. But at the end of the day there was no other logical explanation for what was happening, and she knew it.

They tried to go to sleep that night and the strange and spooky sounds continued for about an hour.

The second night, the same thing happened and by this time Cynthia and James taught that they had better call it what it sounded like: an incantation.

The implications of calling it that meant that they had better do something about it before it did something about them.

Cynthia and James prayed and prayed that night that whatever incantations that the couple next door was up to it would be rendered useless by the power of God.

On the third night, they heard the spooky sounds yet again. They prayed as usual against the effects of the incantations then they went to bed.

That night, both Cynthia and James had the same dream. In the dream the saw Matt and Mary dressing in ancient African clothing and dancing round a fire while muttering that the marriage of Cynthia and James would soon crumble.

So when Cynthia and James wake up the next morning and they tell it other their dream and get to find out that they had the same dream, it made matters even worse and they taught that it was a sign. It just definitely had to be a sign.

Cynthia and James started to pray about the weird sounds coming from next door now more than ever. They prayed and prayed and prayed against their neighbors. Sometimes they would even cry to God as they prayed.

Now, ever since the second night of hearing the spooky sounds from next door, Cynthia and James had started avoiding Matt and Mary.

Matt and Mary weren’t too sure that Cynthia and James was avoiding them and couldn’t quite place what was happening between them but at this point even from the way that Cynthia and James looked at Matt and Mary when they `greeted them, it was clear not only where they avoiding them but there were other unspoken feelings that leaned in the direction of hostile that Cynthia and James now had for them. Matt and Mary didn’t know how to address Cynthia and James about it. It was a matter they could only address spiritually for now.

The spooky noises went on for weeks, until Cynthia and James decided that they had to do something about it in addition to their prayers.

They talked to all their other friends in the neighborhood. They told them everything that had been happening and then they told them that they really had to start thinking of a way to kick Matt and Mary out of their neighborhood.

One of the neighbors suggested that before they resort to any drastic measures they should at least investigate the matter for themselves so at least all the neighbors would hear Matt and Mary doing the incantations for themselves.

At the end of their secret neighborhood meeting, all the neighbors decided that they would stay awake at night and hide close to Matt and Mary’s home so that when they start they incantations they can bust through their front door and catch them red handed.

That night, unfailingly; they heard the spooky sounds but to Cynthia and James who were now more open to the sounds. It no longer sounded spooky. It actually sounded familiar: a different kind of familiar.

All the neighbors suddenly burst through the door and to their surprise they found Matt and Mary praying in tongues.

Oh – My – Gosh! That was when Cynthia and James make the connection. They spooky sounds that they had been hearing were just the sound Matt and Mary praying in tongues coming from a distance.

Cynthia and James were Baptists, but Matt and Mary were Pentecostals.

The End.

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