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They Are Talking Gibberish – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Sarah. She was a good Christian girl and she had good Christian friends. She was faithful to the church that she belonged to just like her mother was and she could always be counted on by the children’s Pastor of the children’s church. There was one little flaw however; it was that Sarah didn’t believe in speaking in tongues. She saw no sense in people speaking a language that they didn’t understand and hoping that it made sense.

This mindset of hers was from her late father who attended a different church before he died. At that time they all attended the church he attended. He always knocked speaking in tongues and churches that were into it.

However, when he passed on, Sarah’s Mum needed all the support that she could receive but no one in the church they attended did anything. It was two of Sarah’s Mum’s friends that attended a different church a church that believes in speaking in tongues that showed up almost daily and always helped Sarah’s Mum. It was that (the genuine Christian love she saw) more than anything else that made her change church to their church (which is the church that believes in speaking in tongues. The church that Sarah has now been so faithful in and is counted upon in).

Sarah was very influential amongst the other kids in church and whenever they played together and she saw another kid speaking in tongues she would say that the kids where speaking gibberish. This discouraged most of the kids who could speak in tongues from speaking in tongues.

Another kid confronted Sarah one day and talked to her deeply about the subject of speaking in tongues and about receiving the Holy Spirit. The kid found out that not only does Sarah believe in the Holy Spirit but she also has received the Holy Spirit after she received Jesus into her heart.

The kid then told Sarah that by not speaking in tongues she is refusing to totally yield to the ministry of the Holy Spirit in her life.

Sarah brushed it off and told the kid that the Holy Spirit is not in the ministry of talking gibberish.

Many years later, now, Sarah was a teenager. Her Mum sent her on an errand to help deliver free groceries to an orphanage they’d always helped. It was something Sarah delighted in doing. Sadly, today as she crossed to road leading to the orphanage she got knocked down by a speeding vehicle. She was hit real hard and the driver sped away convinced that he had just killed someone.

Sarah’s life flashed quickly before her eyes. Within her she knew that she didn’t have much time left. She tried praying in English but she had hit her head really hard and she couldn’t form articulate words that made sense. It even hurt to think. The impact of her head falling on the solid road had affected her ability to reason properly.

It was at this moment that Sarah remembered her discussion from many years ago. She had tried everything she might as well try speaking in tongues. Since she already had received the Holy Spirit it would be possible for her to speak in tongues even though she’s never tried to before. Sarah tried and immediately she started blasting in tongues.

Wow! It felt good. She felt a spiritual edification that’s higher than anything shes ever felt before. She kept on speaking in tongues and in no time she could think properly again. She didn’t stop speaking in tongues now. She just kept speaking in tongues and she kept feeling better she knew now that she was not going to die. There was just something about speaking in tongues that made her feel she had her destiny in her hands there was something about it that made her feel in charge; like she was controlling things.

Soon people showed up and rushed her to the hospital. She was speaking in tongues all the while and so some of them taught that the accident had made her delusional. She didn’t bother about what they might think she knew what she was doing was bringing healing to her body. By the time they reached the hospital Sarah had only a few cuts and bruises no broken bones or other complications. She overheard the doctor say that it wasn’t normal for someone who such a serious accident to have no complications or internal injuries. Sarah laughed in her mind, she knew it was the power of speaking in tongues.
The next day, Sarah was discharged from the hospital. And today she preaches the word including how powerful and wonderful the power of speaking in tongues is.


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