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They Took The Nativity Scene Out Of City Hall – by Alfred (a romantic short story)

They Took The Nativity Scene Out Of City Hall – by Alfred (a romantic short story)

Jones and Dave were two brothers. They were both married with children. One brother was a Christian and the other was not. Both were into politics and both were millionaires just like their Mum and Dad had been.

Dave, the non-Christian brother used bribery and his influence to take the Nativity Scene out of the City Hall.

Jones, the Christian one, knew what his brother had done. He tried his best to change things but all his legal activities couldn’t overthrow all the illegal background things that his brother had done behind the scenes.

Jones got on his knees and prayed with his wife, Mary about it. His wife whom he loved dearly had always been his pillar and shoulder that he could count on.

God spoke to his wife as they prayed and gave her an idea. She tells her husband the idea and a smile pops up on his face.

Jones then went out and bought thousands of portable Nativity Scenes from the company that makes them. He told them to deliver it that very day. And as he was buying in an enormously large quantity he also got a discount.

Jones and his wife, Mary ran TV ads through out the day that anyone who wanted to get a free Nativity Scene to place one on their front lawn and another in their backyard should go to the mall and pick up a Nativity Scene, clearly stating that he and his wife had paid for every single portable Nativity Scene in the mall.

2 hours later, there was a Nativity Scene in every home in the city by a ratio of 20 to 1.

By the end of the day. It was clear that even though the City hall didn’t have the Nativity Scene, the Nativity Scene had the City itself.

News media outlets around the world started asking questions that how come in a city where Christians greatly outnumber everyone else how did the government which is supposed to be democratic, outlaw Christianity and the Nativity Scene at Christmas from the City hall. It became crystal clear that the removing of the Nativity Scene from City hall wasn’t the will of the people of the city but rather it was the will of very few people with hidden agendas and political power who like Adolf Hitler wanted to impose their will and personal beliefs on the people until they replace the peoples beliefs with their beliefs.

The country of America started losing its reputation as an honest democratic state in the eyes of the international community. So the president, in-spite of the fact that he didn’t want to; ordered his little group which Jones brother was a part of to put back the nativity scene in the City Hall.

The End.

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