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Thou Shall Not Say The Name, Jesus? – by Alfred (a romantic short story)

Thou Shall Not Say The Name, Jesus? – by Alfred (a romantic short story)

Peter and Annie where a wonderful Christian couple. The had been having a good time in their country until the Government proposed introducing a new law.

The law was to ban the use of the word Jesus from the work place as well as the preaching of the gospel. The Government said that it was offensive plus it was just a channel to usher in an evil Christian propaganda.

Peter and Annie was outraged. They tried to fight the proposal of the new law at work and get more people involved but Peter gets fired from work because before the proposal of the new law he hadn’t been winning souls in his work place so many people in his workplace didn’t know Jesus. And since people mostly only fight for things that only concern them like their own rights & freedom and not other peoples rights & freedom; it was easy for the Boss to get rid of Peter.

However it wasn’t that way with Annie in her workplace. Shed already proven herself to be a light and a pillar at work to the moral and social structure of the company she worked for long before the new law was proposed. So people knew that it was because of her relationship with Jesus that they could come to her for advise or conflict resolution within the company anytime it was needed.

Annie succeeded in mobilizing people at work, people online, and contacting Christian magazines as well as Non Christian magazines that still respected peoples rights. Such that she soon started holding marches around the country to protest the proposal of the new law.

Annie gets hit by the media but Peter stands by his wife given her strength and all the support he could muster.

People of different religions said that Annie was trying to push forward an evil Christian propaganda and that she was trying to force Christianity on a people at work like an evil dictator but mentioning the name Jesus at her workplace.

Of course the atheists opposed her too.

Annie kept pressing on and protesting and fighting for the freedom to express ones Christian beliefs in the work place. She soon became the popular name that every talk show host makes fun of on their show and a lot of hatred was being incited against by the media that portrayed her as an evil person.

At one of her rallies Annie’s husband takes a bullet for her and dies when an angry person who watches too much TV tried to kill her.

The shooter was arrested but Annie had lost her knight in shinning armor. On top of that she kept on getting death threats. And after two more failed attempts on her life, a few of her most trusted friends told her that it was best she left the country. She had lost her husband and her best friend in the fight. Now was she going to lose the fight itself? She had no choice.

Annie left the country for the Bahamas on a low profile feeling like a loser.

With no one willing to stand up and fight the proposal of the new law especially after what happened to Annie, the proposed law was passed and became established. The name Jesus was official banished from all workplaces.

7 weeks later, while in the Bahamas Annie checks the news on her tablet device to see what was happening back home and she saw that the Government had proposed another new law banning all religions and atheist clubs from work places too.

The End.

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