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To Rat Or Not To Rat – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in the city of Port harcourt, a classroom full of students stood silently staring at the school teacher with a cane in his hand. He was very angry and was going to punish a student but he didn’t know who or so it seemed.

Somebody had played a practically joke on the teacher by pouring some smelly sticky goo on his sit.

The teacher stood there asking them who it was.

James was a Christian boy. He like all the other students in the classroom knew who it was but the question was would he talk. Talking would make him a rat. Talking would make the other kids tag him as uncool. Talking might make the other kids stop talking to him.
James decided he won’t talk just like everybody else.

If the teacher was going to give them all capital punishment so be it.

James then remembered a sermon he had heard in church. It was; “It’s better to walk to heaven alone than to walk to hell with the all the friends in the world.”

That’s when James knew what he had to do. He knew he had to do the right thing. He told the teacher who did it.
Oh! now he was going to get it. Now after the teacher punished the guilty student James would he hated by his classmates.

However, James was suprised that it was all a plan by the teacher and James’ classmates to test James’ honesty and integrity. He had passed and from that day on he was held in high regard by all the teachers who heard of it and the students too.

So you see, it pays to do the right thing.


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