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Valuable Junk – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a teenage boy named Jason. He used to belong to a middle class family and used to be a fun and happy Christian boy. All of that changed when a hurricane hit his city and he was the only survivor in the city. Now he lived in another city where he didn’t know anyone – he didn’t know what to do – and didn’t know how to get help. He was a boy that now had to become a man.

The tragedy made Jason mad at God. He had always believed in God before, but now he was so angry that he felt like not believing in God anymore.

However, he knew that, that would be stupid because he had witnessed miracles before and he couldn’t lie to himself that everything around him didn’t have an origin.

Since Jason couldn’t go with not believing there is a God because of how stupid the idea is, Jason went with being angry at God for not preventing the tragedy.

He had never being more angry with anybody else in his life.

Jason had been living on the streets like the homeless; a group that happily welcomed him into their fold. He lived off dumpsters like them and with time got an understanding of how his new homeless friends said the streets worked.

He now understood that the only way out for him was to sell drugs. It was either selling illegal drugs or remaining a homeless person living off dumpsters all his life. His options were really limited.

The idea of selling drugs made Jason sick to his stomach. Even though he had made the decision to hate God, he still knew how dangerous and evil and disgusting selling drugs is – he had seen the damage drugs caused in the lives of people who used them but Jason started to feel like he doesn’t have a choice.

Jason was still pondering ‘whether to’ or ‘whether not to’ days later, when a street preacher met him. Jason tried to shoo the street preacher away. He did every terrible thing he could think off in other to get the street preacher to go away but the street preacher still remained.

Jason gave up trying to get the street preacher to go away. He might as well listen to what he had to say.

The street preacher started telling Jason about the love of God and about how strong God’s love is for us.

This just made Jason a whole lot more angry and he shouted at the preacher, “WHERE WAS GOD WHEN MY ENTIRE FAMILY WAS KILLED BY A HURRICANE?”

Jason proceeded to tell the street preacher all about his life history and told the preacher to show him how he can see the hand of a loving God in all of this.

“Can’t you see?” the preacher asked, “Can’t you see it has kept you alive through all this? Based on what you are telling me you have survived insurmountable odds. Odds that it is quite irrational for you to have survived, yet you are standing here today without a scratch on your body. Can you not see that his (God’s) hand has kept you alive?”

Jason was dumbfounded. He couldn’t challenge the preacher anymore. He knew that it was a miracle that he survived. A miracle that only God could have performed.

The street preacher told Jason that concerning his entire family passing away so tragically, he shouldn’t blame God for it – he shouldn’t blame God for their deaths. God didn’t kill them. If God wanted to kill them wouldn’t he have just killed them rather than waiting for or summoning a hurricane to do it?
Natural disasters happen only to complete the circle of nature. Evaporation must take place before condensation can take place. Natural disasters are just natural effects of other natural things that happen that are not disasters but things in nature that we appreciate. God doesn’t not intend anyone to die in natural disasters, and what happened in Sodom & Gomorrah was not a natural disaster it was a divine verdict after a divine judgment.

The street preacher spoke some more and ended up leading Jason in a prayer for the repentant back slider.

Jason told the street preacher about the financial dilemma he was having before he showed up.

Obviously he couldn’t choose selling drugs now, selling drugs is no longer and option.

The street preacher told Jason that no matter where ever you are in life you can always become a success. It doesn’t matter if you are a homeless person in America or a child solider in Africa, you can always become a success and move forward in the world if you give your life to Christ, make wisdom your best friend and live in all holiness as best as you can. If you would only be on the look out for a way to serve people you would find your path to success.
After the street preacher left, Jason pondered over what he had said concerning anybody being able to become a success. He later got it.

Jason began to keep his eyes open for human needs and also pick up books with positive topics from the dumpsters not only food. He also stopped drinking really cheap beer with the other homeless people and would move away from them anytime they started to talk about girls.

One day while raiding a dumpster, a man showed up who clearly hesitated to throw away what he wanted to throw away, not because Jason was standing there dressed as a homeless person but because of something else.

Jason eventually decided to ask him in a friendly manner if anything was wrong.
The man explained that what he wanted to throw away was a priced possession. It meant a lot to him because of it’s emotional value to him but it meant nothing to anyone else. He told Jason that his wife had told him or more of ordered him to throw it away. If only he could put it in a bank he would be happy.

That was when it hit Jason, he could start a bank – ish operation that keeps things for people that has personal value to them but no value for anyone else so is worthless to the banks therefore the banks won’t accept.
That man was his first customer. Over time word spread that there was a guy who could safe guard your precious to you worthless to everybody else items. It turned out that there was a lot of stuff people didn’t want to let go but could use a replacement. Things like their Granddad’s old rocking chair that was now too old to even sit on too long without breaking it yet it held too much emotional value for some family members.
Jason’s new business grew and he soon employed the other homeless people.

While the other’s used their salaries to buy too many clothes and now expensive beer they could afford, Jason used his profits to finish his education. His choice to make wisdom his best friend like the street preacher told him to had made him make that wise move.

10 years later, Jason’s Valuable Junk business was long gone, he had a degree to his name and he was one of the directors at a really big manufacturing company.

Truly, anyone can be a success no matter where you are or what odds are against you. If you would only look out for a human need and produce a marketable solution for that human need.


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