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When My Husband Snores I Hear Birds Sing – by Alfred (a romantic short story)

When My Husband Snores I Hear Birds Sing – by Alfred (a romantic short story)

Juliet covered her mouth with her palms. She couldn’t help but stutter. She knew what she wanted to say but for the first time in her life it seemed like she had forgotten how to convert thoughts in her head into words. Tears formed in her eyes as she saw the man whom her heart dances for on one knee asking her to marry him with his eyes all big and cute making her heart melt even further like a frozen cube of butter in a sizzling and delightfully steaming frying pan.

“I will. Yes, I will marry you”, Juliet managed to answer.

Her love, Danny got up on his feet and leaped into the air. They had already gotten the attention of everyone in the restaurant and you could see the smiles on the faces of some young couples watching them. Even though they didn’t know them they were happy for them.

The next few days where filled with family members strolling in and out. Family members calling that seemed hadn’t kept in touch since before the telephone was even invented. Family members seemingly dropping out of the sky to drop well – wishing gifts were every where. All sorts of family activities just appeared out of no where.

Danny and Juliet weren’t complaining though. All they could see where each other. All they needed to see were each other.

With each passing day, everything just kept getting better and more perfect. Maybe you can’t improve on perfect but Danny and Juliet were so in love that they couldn’t comprehend that fact. It seemed to them that perfect was being improved upon with each passing day of their lives since the proposal.

Neither one of them had cold feet about the marriage. If anything they both were guilty of having quick feet towards the marriage.

One day, Juliet’s niece who was staying with her because of the upcoming wedding went missing. Every relative that was in Juliet’s house began to panic. Fortunately, Danny was around. He told them to all calm down. He got them to say a quick prayer for the safety of Juliet’s niece and then he organized all of them into different groups for a search party. Juliet was given the task to call the cops. The cops took informal notes detailing what she said but they also told her that they cannot file a missing person’s report until 48 hours from the time the person is reported missing.

Everyone scattered to where they were told to go all through the city. They scattered to all the probable places Juliet’s niece would love to go and also to all the probable places it was logical to check in case she had been abducted.

While Danny and Juliet where still looking for Juliet’s niece around the children’s park. Juliet got a phone call from the cops that they’ve got her niece, that she’s with them at the station and so she should come down to the station.

Juliet tells Danny the good news, then she texts all her family members that where on the search party that it’s all right that they’ve got her. They should go back home.

When Danny and Juliet get to the station. Juliet’s niece who was crying runs with out – stretched arms to her Aunty, Juliet and hugged her. Juliet hugged back protectively.

It turned out that Juliet’s niece met a stranger while on her way to the children’s park. The stranger who was driving a pick up van convinced her that he would like to offer her a ride to the children’s park which was already close by. He showed her the cute little puppy that he had in the car and told her that if she gets in the car he would let her play with the puppy.

The cops said that thankfully somebody who was watching them from across the street suspected that something was wrong so he took the license plate number of the pick up van and when the pick up van didn’t stop at the children’s park but kept moving he decided he should call the cops immediately.

Danny and Juliet ended up having to spend a really long time at the station because of a lot of formal procedures. At a point when they were alone and the guy who was asking them questions had left the room for what seemed like an hour, Danny fell asleep while they waited. That was when Juliet heard him snoring for the first time. That’s when she knew she was marring a snorer just like her Mum. Her Dad was great. She knew he loved her with his life. She would always be his little girl. But still, she never could understand how her Mum could sleep beside a snorer every night.

From that day onward Juliet started having cold feet about the marriage. She knew it was silly to worry about marrying him now just because he snored, after all he was perfect in every other way as far as she was concerned. But she just didn’t know how she would cope with someone snoring beside her every single night for the rest of her life.

The snoring matter bothered Juliet for days and Juliet’s Mum soon notices that something is bothering her.

Juliet’s Mum bugged her to tell her what’s bothering her. She’d always been her close friend.

Juliet told her everything about the snoring and her Mum looks at her and smiles. Her Mum told her that she worried about the same thing right before he married Juliet’s Dad. She said that before their marriage he told her he snored. Although she didn’t throw a fit in front of him it totally shook her to the core. She almost didn’t marry Juliet’s Dad because of it. She had made up her mind to call off the wedding because she couldn’t imagine how she would be able to live for the rest of her life with someone who snores. It would be torture. But when she started thinking of not spending her life with him. When she thought about not spending the rest of her life with a man as honorable and full of virtue like him, she saw that that was the true torture. That was the torture that she really couldn’t stand every night.

She told Juliet that IN MARRIAGE, WHEN WE LOVE SOMEONE WE HAVE TO TAKE THE TOTAL PACKAGE. An awesome guy that snores is still an awesome guy. A handsome guy that never cleans the room is still a handsome guy.

Juliet’s Mum told her that when she understood that the things she loved about Juliet’s Dad seriously outweighed the things she didn’t like (the snoring), anytime she heard him snore the sound was drowned by the sound of what an awesome guy he is. It later got to a point where she was no longer disturbed even a little bit by the snoring not because he had stopped snoring but because the sound of what an awesome guy he is was the only thing that she could hear. The sound of what an awesome guy he is not only drowned the sound of the snoring but it had swallowed it up completely until it was the only thing there was to hear.

Now, somebody else could have heard the sound of Juliet’s Dad snoring if the stepped into the room when he was sleeping. But Juliet’s Mum could only hear a different sound. A pleasant sound. The sound of what an awesome guy he is. A sound that sounded like the song of birds singing with the sweetest melody.

Juliet’s Mum told Juliet that they should hold hands and they should say a little prayer about it.

Juliet’s Mum thanked God for the day and brought the matter at hand before God. She prayed that her daughter’s cold feet about the marriage should be gone and that when she hears her love snore she wouldn’t hear him snore but she would only hear the sound of what an awesome guy he is. She would hear the sound of birds singing the most beautiful songs ever made to the most beautiful tunes.

After the prayer and her Mum’s advise, Juliet felt better. She felt satisfied. She felt happy. It was like her cold feet had suddenly vanished.

Days later, after the wedding and after the new couple had consummated their marriage on their matrimonial bed, Danny falls asleep. Uh – Oh! here it comes. Juliet closed her eyes not knowing what to expect. Suddenly, she heard a sound – beautiful sound. She opened her eyes to look at her husband. Surely enough his mouth moved like someone that was snoring. But strangely enough the sound of his snoring was pleasing to her heart. She could feel it in her heart. It sounded like the sound of birds singing.

The End.

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